Hawke Is Extracted From the Fade

Hawke Persistent Gore

     Isabella checked the coordinates before punching them in. 
     ‘Where are we going?’ asked Daenerys.
     ‘I told you, girls night out.’
     ‘I sense you are hiding something from us,’ replied Rosiet.
     ‘Ok, fine, I’m worried. We’re going to that thing there, to check that Hawke is doing all right in her world.’
     ‘You know that can be dangerous,’ warned Rosiet.
     ‘Just, we’re already in hyperspace. Let’s just get there and see that she’s all right.’
     When the ship arrived at the destination, the secret Sith Alchemical Lab loomed in the atmosphere of a gas giant, hiding. The ship went to the landed dock and the women got out of the ship. They walked straight to the observatory.
     ‘All right, how do I select her realm?’ asked Isabella.
     ‘I’m not sure,’ replied Rosiet. ‘I should contact Alagos.’ She began activating her comm unit.
     ‘What does this do?’ asked Daenerys, pressing on something.
     The holo field activated and a world was shown. Force energy loomed within the sphere.
     ‘Uhm, show us Hawke,’ said Isabella.
     Green energy appeared.
     ‘What is that?’ said Daenerys. ‘That doesn’t look good.’
     ‘Uhm, Rosiet?’ said Isabella, ‘better tell Alagos to come here directly, and to bring Desmond and Medeusa with him. We’re going to need some help here.’


     Hawke looked back at Lavellan and then at Alistair.
     ‘You were right,’ said Alistair, ‘The Wardens caused this mess. A Warden must-’
     ‘A Warden must help them rebuild. That’s YOUR job!’ insisted Hawke. ‘Corypheus is mine.’
     Lavellan closed her eyes and took a breath. ‘Hawke…’
     ‘Say goodbye to Varric for me.’
     Hawke ran to the Nightmare Demon, slicing at it with her staff as any Mage would, causing it as much pain and as much of a distraction as she could. She saw Lavellan and Alistair hurry towards the opening that was about to close the Fade up again. 
     ‘I’m sorry, Fenris,’ she muttered under her breath, as she kept fighting the demon.
     The opening closed. Hawke’s companions  had gone through, they were safe.
     Blood spattered Hawke’s face as she sliced through the demon’s fat body. It attacked her and knawed at her. She fought for what seemed like a long time before beginning to feel winded. She knew she would die, yet she kept on fighting. Suddenly, the demon grabbed her with its tentacles and squeezed her body, she could no longer breathe, she could feel her body being crushed. She felt a pang of pain somewhere as it stabbed her, though she did not know where it had jabbed her.
     There was a bright light, it came suddenly, and filled the Fade. She heard voices. 
     ‘My chains are broken!’ a choir broke out.
     And then everything turned to black.


     Hawke’s bloodied body crashed to the floor with a loud thud. Isabella yelped.
     ‘Is she still alive?’
     Alagos touched her neck.  ‘Barely,’ he said. ‘She is gravely injured, but her body may yet heal.’
     ‘Will she remember us?’
     ‘I do not know, Isabella, but with a healing trance, we may yet give back the memories she had of this place.’
     ‘Thank you, Alagos. Thank you all of you.’
     ‘We did what we could,’ said Desmond. ‘The Force will do the rest. I will help heal our friend, Isabella. It will help get my mind off things.’
     ‘Yeah, I guess I haven’t seen you since… I’m sorry. I know you loved Tiamat.’
     ‘I… I can’t talk about it.’
     ‘I understand,’ replied Isabella. ‘Well, I guess I have you to thank twice now for saving the day. First you save Shadyer’s life and then Hawke’s.’ She smiled gingerly.
     ‘I merely did what any Jedi would for his friends,’ replied Desmond.
     ‘Any news on…’ started Daenerys.
     ‘No,’ replied Shadiesse, a little exhausted. ‘Kalros’s associate still has not had a new contract from them and we don’t want to give anything away. She has it in good faith that in due time, they will reveal themselves, regroup, gather their forces, and call on their former allies and those who have worked for them in the past.’
     ‘All right,’ said Alagos, lifting Hawke up, with the help of Desmond. ‘We have wrapped her in a Force blanket. Let’s bring her to our Stronghold for healing.’
     ‘Shouldn’t she be placed in familiar location?’ said Medeusa. ‘Her former quarters perhaps.’
     ‘Shadereth will want…’ began Shadiesse. ‘Even though they never truly were together, I know he cared deeply for her and she for him, regardless of…what was his name?’
     ‘Yes, and familiar faces when she wakes will help her recall her life here.’
     ‘I agree,’ said Rosiet. ‘Come.’
     ‘Just hang in there, partner,’ said Isabella to Hawke. ‘If you don’t survive, I’ll kill you!’

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