Eidahs and Daenerys

Warning: Contains minor spoilers on class stories and on Shadow of Revan and Fallen Empire stories.

Eidahs is another of my alter ego names. It’s actually Shadie backwards. So they represent the light and dark together. Since Eidahs’s name is my light side alter ego, I gave her green hair, like me. Although she has more than I do and it requires much less maintenance (sigh). Eidahs is my Jedi Knight, she defeated the Emperor, so her goal, as long as he lives on, in whatever forms, is to destroy him, even if it means taking her own life to succeed. She is the martyr or the group.

Similarly to Brenum, she has the name of a character from a fan-fiction story I wrote, one of that character’s names anyway. So she and Brenum share a friendship that is unique due to their bond of this story with these other people and have a friendship that is akin to the friendship between the original Eidahs and Brenum.

New Eidahs
Eidahs: Jedi Knight: Sentinel, DPS – Human – Light Side

Eidahs often stays at ‘’Rosiet’s Temple of Light’’. There is a section dedicated for guests and she has her own bed there. She is welcome at any time, it is her home when she needs it to be. However, she travels a lot and has dedicated herself to spreading the Light throughout the galaxy.

She is my Sentinel and wields two lightsabers, one black and white and another copper. She possesses a lot of ideals which come in conflict with some of the Sith Rosiet has an alliance with. Eidahs and Medeusa prefer to not have to be in the same room together and will avoid each other at all costs. If they encounter each other, they respect that they do not like each other and agree to leave things at that, since each would have a gang of either Jedi or Sith hunting them if they attacked the other. Desmond believes Eidahs can be saved from her Purist idiologies, whereas Eidahs believes it is Desmond who can be saved. However, Eidahs will focus her attention on her closest friends, being Rosiet, Brenum and Daenerys.

Daenerys was named after the Game of Thrones character, because I like the name and the character. I made her look similar, although the hair is much whiter and so are the eyes. Being a member of Havoc Squad, the character Daenerys uses a code name, meaning that Daenerys isn’t her real name, also meaning that she could very well be using the name of a character from a holodrama.

New Daenerys
Daenerys: Trooper: Commando, Healer – Human – Light Side

Daenerys is my healer. She is a Trooper Commando. And Commando in every sense of the word, will you believe. She has no qualms in saying so too, which has merited her some strange glances from time to time or a few inappropriate comments from men who thought they could get some action. Nothing her assault cannon couldn’t fix. Just showing it off usually does the trick, shutting them up and making them turn away.

Being a member of Havoc Squad, she’ll go anywhere she is needed and hack down any Imperial who threatens the lives of innocent Republic citizens. She likes to appear ruthless, but her nature is completely light sided.

Daenerys also stays at ‘’Rosiet’s Temple of Light’’. She has her own bed in the barracks, where Eidahs will sleep when she stays over, and there are bunk beds for the rest of Havoc Squad. They also have their own little cantina setup with a Jukebox, located next to the med bay, which is quite practical, given that when Havoc Squad comes by, many of them are in need of some patching up. Eidhas and Daenerys are both Human.

Dae dances.jpg
Daenerys dancing in the barracks at “Rosiet’s Temple of Light”

Daenerys has similar ideals to Eidahs. She can look a Sith in the eyes and dare them to use the Force on her, knowing that her friends will protect her and she will keep them alive with her healing abilities. She’s a force to be reckoned with, that is why she bears no fear to Sith, even though she possesses no Force powers herself.

She came to know Rosiet on Coruscant and met Eidahs at Rosiet’s. Needing a place to stay at often but not feeling comfortable having her own home, which would often be empty, she accepted Rosiet’s offer. She has even expanded Rosiet’s hospitality, recruiting for other divisions of Havoc Squad, after rescuing a future member of Havoc Squad. Being a bit of a party goer, Daenerys likes to hold parties at Rosiet’s, however, often times, she finds herself moving the party’s location, upon Isabella’s behest, to ‘“Isabella’s Smuggler’s Haven”.

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