5 – The Hierophant

Solas (Romanced)

Significance: The Hierophant was an ancient priest who interpreted sacred mysteries and esoteric principles.  The name of the card comes from the Greek “sacred” and “to show”.  Solas is an Evanuris, as ancient as the time.  Need I say more?

5 - The Hierophant

The card itself represents: Physical reality, social and cultural values and customs, rules and laws, status quo, hierarchies, transmitted teachings, rites, ceremonies, order, worship, reverence, respect, belief systems, spiritual understandings, dependability, etc.

There were hierarchies, chains of command, among the Evanuris.  Solas represents the cultural values that he hold onto.  There is a lot from this card that is significant to who Solas is.

Reversed: Dominance, ruin, limitations, stubbornness, dogmatism, rigid attitudes, loss of prestige, disruption, etc.

Loss of Prestige!  From Evanuris to the Dread Wolf, from respected Mage Evanuris to the Trickster God; being used in curses instead of being looked at as a friend figure; from Fen’Harel to Solas, being prideful.

05-The Hierophant

He stands by a tree, great tall evergreens in the background; he touches a tree with golden-yellow leaves falling, like in the fall, perhaps reminiscent of the fall of his people, or perhaps simply that he has fallen in love.  Eyes closed, his face reflects sadness.  The white wolf at his side representing purity and loyalty, head bowed in grief.  Alas, his love is true, but true also are the wrongs he has done which cause him such sorrow.  But as the evergreens endure the long cold Winters, so will his love endure all.

What I think this means for Solas: If romanced, I think his love is so strong that he wishes he were with the Inquisitor.  Their love might actually open his eyes to the right path, and guide him towards the light.

What I think this means for DA: Perhaps the only way to save him is through this love and romance, which would be a shame for befriended Inquisitors, but perhaps his respect and loyalty will prove stronger than his ill-guided belief.  That would be very interesting, that those who romanced Solas, would see a very different possible outcome and ending to the game that those who did not romance him would not see.

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