1 – The Magician

Dorian (Default)

Significance: Dorian, being from Tevinter, is a powerful Mage, such as the Magician is, representing magic.  And later, Dorian becomes a Magister.  Magister – Magician, these words are practically synonyms.

1 - The Magician

The card itself represents: Power to make changes, self-reliance, coming into our own, skills for achieveing goals, practical use of knowledge, self-promotion, freelance, leadership and willpower, diplomacy, problem solving, clarity, adaptability, taking charge of one’s own destiny, etc.

These attributes are more or less representative of Dorian’s story.

Reversed: Egotism, not being confident, obsession with self-image, meddling, hesitation, blocked expression, lack of clarity, pessimism, depression, loss of interest, danger, etc.

01-The Magician

Cloaked with a hidden eye, one eye represents often the one all seeing eye, so though things may be hidden, he still sees keenly.  Around his staff, a white serpent flairs, symbol of Tevinter, purety and deception combined; yellow beams of light like rays shine from his third eye chakra.  The faint circles around him and his hand gesture of Visica Pisces represent the Flower of Life, as his two fingers touch the symbol of infinity.  He holds a book of arcane knowledge in the other hand, as little pink droplets that look like mini stars, sprinkle and sparkle.

What I think this means for Dorian: He will make Tevinter pure again and reshape it for a better Tevinter, making an independent group of Magisters reclaim its good reputation.  He could reshape the Magisterium itself and become the new Black Divine.

What I think this means for DA: Tevinter will be the center of new life, with infinite power, infinite knowledge, all for us to grab, opening the door for infinite possibilities…  “Endless possibilities!” (as seen in the Chant of Light).

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