Ten of Cups


Significance: And here we have it, one of the more powerful of minions, undead and possessed, the Revenant.

Cups 10

The card itself represents: Happiness with home life, conclusions, success, acknowledgement, enrichment, recognition, well-earned self-esteem, social standing, reaping rewards from efforts, heightened inspiration, etc.

Reversed: Dashed hopes, family disputes, quarrels, instability, hostility, hatred, danger, evil, loss of friendship, violation, exposure, instability in home or with emotions, etc.

Cups 10 O

Standing out is the big orange-grey upside down cup with the Roman numeral X on it.  The cups’s position represents depletion of all resources, exhaustion of all solutions, being spent, and the emptiness that follows.  The X marks the transformative place where magic will be depleted, where the worlds collide and one can enter the abyss, the Fade, as the circles represent the world and its various paths to either darkness or illuminations.  Cold eyes stare at us, as the dark creature, returned from the Fade, returned from the land of the dead, stands holding a great curbed axe.  Red behind it, of life and blood, blood that has been spilled, life that is exhausted, and as the Revenant empties the world of life as much as it can.

What I think this means for DA: Many who follow the path of the Maker say it leads to illumination, the light of the Maker, but the corruption in the Golden City, which now makes it black, makes you wonder if it leads to darkness instead and if it’s true what Corypheus says, that the seat was empty; then dark and empty is the path.  Perhaps this path that is dark and empty is not that of the Maker’s, but that of the elven people, or it is of the Maker’s, or another path? The night is long and the path is dark…” the Shepherd’s path? But the symbols in this card coincide a heck of a lot with the symbols spoken of in the Chant of Light.

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