19 – The Sun

Varric (Companion Quest)

Significance: Well Varric does play Wicked Grave until the Sun rises.  But I ahve a feeling the card itself will reveal more, and something tells me the Merchants’ Guild and being Viscount play a hand.

19 - The Sun

The card itself represents: Success, beginnings, new ventures, achievements, joy, good health, progress, recognition, accomplishments, triumph, satisfaction from efforts, material well-being, communities, friendships, aspirations, ambitions, reliable allies, etc.

Varric is quite successful in the Merchants’ Guild and as a writer…and Viscount.

Reversed: Exaggeration, delay, grandiosity, temporary setbacks, lack of effort, being over-extended, falsehood, disgrace, isolation, overly optimistic people, testing, stalemate, etc.

19-The Sun

As the morning Sun shines brightly through the window, a grin upon his face reveals a winning hand, he is about to triumph.  It is hence the dawn of something new, probably not wicked, but most likely of grace.  Deep red drapes, symbolise life, as the Sun itself brings on warmth and joy, its rays spiraling outwards, indicating the start of a new cycle.  Flowers and gentle trees branch out as a pattern upon the drapery, reaching upwards, ever skywards, towards apotheosis.

What I think this means for Varric: His success knows no boundaries.  As Viscount, I think he will bring good fortune to the city that suffered so much loss, Kirkwall.

What I think this means for DA: The Chant of Light!  It has to do with the Chant of Light, the Light of the Maker, the “light side”.  Something will reach its summum and has to do with the Chant.  We know that Varric is Andrastean, so perhaps something will be revealed to him, or he will be the one to discover something.  It could be truth, revelations, anything; there are, after all, endless possibilities.

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