Seven of Swords

Nightmare Difficulty

Significance: Now, I don’t play on Nightmare mode, but I know from other Hard Mode types I’ve played in other games that not only are enemies tougher, but they are more numerous.  Seven times seventy men?  The Chant of Light might have determined the number associated with this card.

Swords 07

The card itself represents: Self-confidence, individuality and uniqueness, using strategy and creativity, new plans, fortitude, cunning, guile, original thinking, going against the flow, disarming opponents with mental skills, etc.

Reversed: Mental transformation, betrayal, quarrels, halfhearted commitments, being fearful, timid, plans that are frustrated, neurosis, etc.

Swords 07 O

A headless knight sits holding his head as he leans on an armrest.  The disembodied man represents anguish so distressing, it can drive one to lose their mind.  He is separated from his terrible reality, while he is at the front, at the head of the battle.  He is exhausted, overwhelmed, and in need of much rest.  He needs to think things through.  Seven swords pierce his armoured body, yet seven swords together symbolise protection.  The one who loses his mind and completely disconnects from reality often needs protection from himself.

What I think this means for DA: The revelations we may discover will be so intense, so overwhelming, we’ll lose our minds, and need to think things through to formulate new theories.  Also, seven is significant to a member of the Inquisition, a member of Dragon Age, the Seekers of Truth, remember, those who protect; so seven swords piercing a body is like seven times the shacking revelations.  Or maybe seven truths.  If seven Evanuris who are locked up in the Fade are freed all of a sudden and come down onto Thedas, that would be Nightmare Difficulty?

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