Lian and Quar’zun

Warning: Contains Spoilers for my SWTOR fan-fiction series. Both Lian and Quar’zun were created for Photoshop depictions of their Story versions.

Lian kloh: Jedi Knight: Guardian, DPS – Twi’lek – Light Side

Lian is a blue Twi’lek with many great healing abilities. He is also a powerful Jedi warrior who becomes a master and member of the Jedi Council very quickly. He is introduced in Story 3 of the fan-fiction series. His last name is a revelation on his family ties to another character who appears in Stories 1 and 2, Jedi Master Juun Kloh, also a healer.

Lian befriends the group of Jedi vying to protect the galaxy from the True Sith and discovers unique healing abilities which could help him contribute to healing the Force and saving the galaxy. In later stories, an injury results in his left lekku being cut in half. He also later falls in love with, and marries, Nriwe, a Mandalorian green Twi’lek, who is depicted by my in-game character Isabella.

In-game Lian, dubbed Lian Kloh, is a Jedi knight, a DPS guardian. Story Lian, is a guardian too, but also a healer. He later becomes the Guardian of the Crypt, a focal point in the galaxy from which much Force power extends. In-game Lian can always be found in Rosiet’s Temple of Light on Coruscant.

Quar’zun: Jedi Knight: Guardian, DPS – Human – Dark Side

Quar’zun is a Jedi master and Jedi Council member. He is a powerful warrior, also a Jedi Guardian. He was close friends with Juun Kloh. He was a mentor for Brenum, Trylia, Shadie and Fane, and trained Josur (depicted by Desmond) for a time on certain missions.

Quar’zun was always very curious about the dark side, wanting to understand it better. His Story version is introduced in Story 4, and appears briefly here and there. In Story 10, he begins to show signs of spiraling towards the dark side, though it is very subtle, subtle enough he can conceal it from even fellow Council members, including a Miraluka, Master Shargall, who can sense Force alignments, as well as from the Grand Master of the Jedi Order, Master Herl’unik. Eventually, Quar’zun lets himself draw his power from the dark side, unleashing a series of tragic events. Thus, he becomes an enemy to those protecting the Force.

In-game Quar’zun is a guardian warrior DPS, just like Story Quar’zun. He stays at Tiamat’s Lair of Shadows on Manaan.

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