Two of Staves


Significance: Before Dragon Age, the only Wraiths I knew were the Nazgûl from Lort of the Rings.  Similarly, Wraiths from Thedas are weaker beings, yet demon-like.  They are in fact the weaker variety of demons.  And since they originate from the Fade, and the Fade is a place of magic, it only makes sense that we see demons and their “cousins” in the Suit of Staves.

Staves 02

The card itself represents: Awaiting work results, a static period that ends, creative pursuits, success in two areas, auspicious beginnings, launching a new career project, diplomacy, competition, determination, being ready for a new venture, etc.

Reversed: Low energy, unfocused plans, loss of direction, lack of growth, gains that are less than desired, partnership problems, dissatisfaction with work results, a warning not to combine forces, losing out, ego battles, etc.

Staves 02 O

Robed in Fade-touched magical smoke, the Wraith stands, pale and deathly, arm fading out as if blown away by the wind, in ghastly ghostly form; a skull for a head, almost disembodied.  Stained with blood-like red, a triangular pattern gnaws at the background, focusing on the demon-like nature of the Wraith.  Its wispy allure denoting its weakness and lower status in the hierarchy, despite its high pitched screeches that chill one’s heart.

What I think this means for DA: Demons and wraiths will always be present.  As the Fade is more and more affected by the actions of Thedosians, be it self-proclaimed God and Magister, Evanuris, or any other, more demons will appear.  Wraiths are common and may be the first indication to a potential demon take-over.

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