Knight of Staves


Significance: Ah, Calpernia! She is a mage, she is from Tevinter, she is Venatori, and she works for the Elder One (or did): Corypheus.  A Knight makes sense, and the Suit of Staves is where she belongs.

Staves 12 Knight

The card itself represents: Men aged 36 and older, masculinity, leadership, authority, a time for action, an adventurer, departure, change of residence, exploring the unknown, fearlessness, practicality, focus, etc.

I think you’ll find that Calpernia embodies a few of the reversed aspects of this card.

Reversed: Doubt and hesitation, disorganised travel, falsity, dependency, poor health, conflict with a male, a hatred for failure, jealousy at work, interrupted activity, weak vision, being easily swayed and led, etc.

Staves Knight

A pale moon shines behind her face, contrasting a dark and gloomy sky.  Hands resting on each other, she submits her magical power to her new master.  The cool blue of the moon reflects the loyalty she has falsely put into him.  Her eyes look up towards the place where the Fade is known to exist.  A circlet in the center of her forehead, somber and dull, reveals the loss of divine power and the closing of the third eye, as she becomes blind to the truth and follows her master, obeying and believing a false god.

What I think this means for Calpernia: I don’t think it matters whether Calpernia is alive or not, she represents those who follow blindly, unquestioningly, and have sadly turned to an evil influencer.  Her story is a lesson as anyone can be betrayed if unable to see the truth.

What I think this means for DA: We may end up trusting an ally, so much and they will ultimately betray us if we are expendable; a new character, I mean.

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