Ten of Swords

Iron Bull (Sacrificed Chargers)

Significance: Again, Iron Bull is a Ten card; this time with all the other Qunari from the alliance, holding up spears (and banners).  I’m pretty sure there were more than ten, but it describes things well, just a mass of Qunari spears and banner, and that sort of thing.
Swords 10

The card itself represents: An end to difficulties, conclusion, finale, termination, a new future that awaits, careful deliberation, honest assessments of situations, resolution, facing consequences, etc.

Reversed: Exhaustion, narrow-escape, catastrophe that is averted, fear of ruin, deeper understanding, disappointment, mercy, recovery, forgiveness, etc.

Swords 10 O

Sixteen Quinari banners held by many Qunari warriors are a show of united strength, united under one banner, united for the same cause; an alliance rich and worthy, to reclaim power against the enemy, to bring death to the enemy, to sacrifice all necessary life in order to achieve order and victory, an order demonstrated by the steady and organised marching of this battle’s victors.  At the forefront, with a patch on his eye, he leads them to the cause of his Inquisitor, yet ever following and executing the order of his leaders, his people, the Qun.

What I think this means for Iron Bull: As loyal as he was to us throughout the game, he betrayed us in an instant, the minute he received a command from his superiors, from the Viddasala.  Now, unless a necromancer brings him back from the dead,which I don’t think will happen, I don’t think we’ll see any more of him if we sacrificed the Chargers.

What I think this means for DA: Those who follow the Qun will likely always follow it blindly and to the letter.  We cannot rely on Qunari allies, unless they are Tal-Vashoth, or something along those lines.

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