0 – The Fool

Sera (Default)

Significance: It is significant the Sera be the Fool.  A Fool in a King’s Court is a jester, a performer, makes pranks.  Sera’s personality is similar to that.

0 - The Fool

The card itself represents: New beginnings, moving forward confidently, going one’s own way, risk taking, fearlessness, primal energy, rebellion, unorthodox behaviour, enthusiasm, spontaneity, fertility, etc.

Most of these are attributes that Sera possessed, on the most part.

Reversed: Recklessness, self-destructive urges, unpredictability, lack of restraint or self-control, impulsiveness, repression, inhibition, etc.

00-The Fool

The image shows Sera standing tall with her bow, wearing her Red Jenny outfit.  Behind her, tall snowy mountains, representing the Frostback Mountains, as she stands on the roof of Skyhold.  Circular plants and bushes at her feet, representing the rolling in of a new start, as she once took on such a new start when she joined the Inquisition.  The Fool is associated with Spring, thus the mountains of snow are somewhat behind her, as Winter nears its end.  Lush greens and vibrant red represent new life and rebirth; orange, a joy of life.

What I think this means for Sera: I think she will always be a Red Jenny, but she’s left an undisciplined part of herself behind, as though being part of the Inquisition made her more disciplined. I believe she will grow more mature in the future, without losing her “Fool’s” nature.

What I think this means for DA: As we move closer to Tevinter, we leave the Frostback Mountains behind, and thus Skyhold, but we will reach the summit and potentially witness rebirth and restoration.  But what?  Of what?  Solavellan?  Arlathan?  Thedas?  Tevinter?  We shall see.  It’s also possible that Sera is the original Red Jenny, so may she is Red Jenny.

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