___Stardust Destinies I: Variate Facing___

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Prompted by a cryptic message from her deceased master, Niome, a young wizardess, embarks on a journey to discover many truths. Leaving her country, Teloria, behind, and accompanied by her brother, his best friend, her brother’s master and his best friend, she discovers the prophecies that were written in the stars and dictated by the dragons. Being the guardian of the remaining safe magical book of spells, the Compliment Book, Niome and her companions quickly realise that they must go to the dark lands and retrieve the stolen Book of Enchantment from the evil lord who wishes to rule over all the lands. It is there where their Stardust Destinies are revealed.

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Clahria’s Song is now available as a single track in Harp Version. Let yourself be transported as though you yourself were hearing Clahria play her harp.

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Written by Celinka Serre

Edited by Marg Gilks

Cover Art by Sophie Brunet

Published by Binky Ink

Music in Trailer by Celinka Serre

Voice-Over in Trailer (as Bahvley Fairhaven) by Michael Leowen

Stardust Destinies Copyright © 2018 Celinka Serre

Stardust DestiniesStardust Destinies I: Variate Facing, and all forthcoming installments, languages, lore, images, characters, places, names, et cetera, are registered trademarks of Celinka Serre and Binky Ink, a division of Binky Productions.

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