Chapter Ten

Mandalore stood before the clan leaders and many clan members from each clan in the Mandalorian fortress-bunker. Talyc sat near Emerick and Lashika, dreading the war ahead.
            ‘Our first priority is to find Relsor’s flagship,’ said Mandalore. ‘Our second is to ensure the Jedi from Clan Kandera make it safely on board. They are the ones who can end this, and the fate of this galaxy rests in the hands of Jedi Fane.’ Talyc’s heart thumped at the mention. Mandalore continued. ‘Our third priority is to neutralise as many superlasers as we possibly can, from any of the True Sith’s ships. Once I give the signal, you will all be free to board the ship as you see fit, but know this: as we cannot predict the outcome, you will be boarding at great risk. We may all perish and die.’
            Talyc closed his eyes, resolved to the fate he had chosen for himself.
            ‘Clan Leader Talyc Kandera will be leading the squad of fighters once we find Relsor’s ship,’ said Mandalore. ‘Those of you in freighters or other ships will need to dock them before taking your fighters to Relsor’s ship. Try not to take the best fighters; we may make it out alive, so we need to see some of those fighters again, especially if Agent Knarf successfully slices the superlasers to detonate in on themselves.’
            Mandalore took a few steps forward. ‘We may be able to seize some of those superlasers for ourselves, but it will be risky and only if we absolutely can. Those of us boarding the flagship are there to ensure that the Jedi make it safely to the command chamber where I have been informed Relsor is most likely to be. That is where they will fight him, that is where the fate of the galaxy will be determined.’
            He pointed at some of the others. ‘Another squad will be in charge of ensuring the safety of the Mandalorian ships from True Sith fighters. Nriwe will be coordinating those ships via holocall. She will defer to other squad leaders for practical purposes and will continue to coordinate all the squads once their leaders and several members have boarded the Chiss flagship. Mildred, you have the Maw.’
            ‘Yes!’ Mildred had a pleased look upon his face.
            ‘You will coordinate with the Fat Momma for assistance in leading your squad of larger ships. Emerick, I know you have been instructed to fly the Krayt Dragon in the Jedi’s absence. Brenum, Trylia, and Knarf have already left the planet with the Sphere to meet Shadie and Fane on Dromund Kaas, where they await the arrival of the anti-stealth prototypes. Once in their hands, they will secure several for Mandalore and the Republic. A coordinated meet-up will guarantee we have our own.’
            Mandalore looked from one corner of the room to the other. ‘This war has been long-awaited. That Chiss took many Mandalorians, his True Sith killed even more. We owe it to all whom we’ve lost to enact justice. Take out as many True Sith as you can. Avenge the deaths of our clan brothers and sisters. The True Sith will not be allowed to take any more of us. Oya manda! For Mandalore!’
            Everyone shouted out the war call, echoing the Mandalore’s final words. The com monitor chimed a few times. Mandalore walked behind the monitor desk.
            ‘I am receiving a call from Coruscant,’ he announced. He pressed a key and the holo form of the Grand Master of the Jedi Order appeared.
            ‘Grand Master Herl’unik, to what do I owe this pleasure?’
            ‘Mandalore!’ The Grand Master bowed. ‘As you know, the Republic will be protecting many of its worlds and scanning Republic space for Relsor’s armada. However, we Jedi have a personal vendetta with Haar’elso’rothmor. While many Jedi will be stationed at strategic areas, I, along with many from the Jedi Council, and many others, have put together a small fleet. We wish to join the Mandalorian armada, if you would have us.’
            ‘Grand Master,’ said Mandalore, ‘it would be an honour to have you fighting alongside us.’
            ‘Excellent! Expect us shortly.’

* * *

            Vax entered the apartment; Lord Void was with him. Shadie looked up and acknowledged them.
            ‘The prototypes have arrived,’ said Lord Void. ‘I will be readying my ship shortly. I will go in search of Relsor’s fleet. I intend to board the flagship and fight alongside you.’
            ‘Thank you,’ said Fane. He looked at Vax. ‘What will you do?’
            ‘I have been instructed to defend Imperial Space,’ replied Vax. ‘I do hope you succeed, Fane. Stay alive. Keep Talyc safe. And…’ He walked up to Fane. ‘Perhaps you won’t need this, but I was able to allow one prototype energy shield for you or your team. It will dampen the effects of Force powers and protect you from lightsaber attacks, though it’s not stable and cannot hold for long. Give it to whomever you think needs it most.’
            ‘Thank you,’ said Fane.
            ‘I’m sorry, you know,’ said Vax. ‘I reckon we will not meet again, unless our paths cross again for some reason. Live well, be well, both of you.’ Vax turned and left.
            ‘You also have visitors,’ said Lord Void.
            Shadie perked up. ‘Knarf has arrived?’
            Lord Void shook his head. ‘We’ve not seen the Sphere yet, but a certain Sith wishes to speak with you. Come with me.’
            Shadie made sure she had all her things. She and Fane followed Lord Void to the Sith Lord’s office in Kaas City, where he gave them several prototype stealth disruptors. Then he motioned at the Sith standing in the corner. Shadie recognised the face of the old Sith.
            ‘Do you remember me? Shadie, Lady of the Crypt, saviour of my imprisonment from Belsavis.’
            ‘I remember you, Lord Erigos,’ Shadie nodded.
            ‘As I remember you, and your apprentice, Fane. Word has reached me that you will fight he who taints the Force, that you will save the dark side and the light side both. That is why we come. You have our ship, and we will fly and fight wherever you command us to.’
            ‘Thank you, I truly appreciate that,’ said Shadie. ‘Right now, we don’t know where Relsor’s armada is hiding, but as soon as we know where to take the fight, we’ll let you know.’
            The Sith bowed and gave Shadie his comlink signal so she could easily contact him. Then she felt Knarf’s presence and knew her friends had arrived, and not just on Dromund Kaas, but in Lord Void’s office.
            ‘My love!’
            Shadie turned around and threw her arms around her husband, kissing his neck. He smelt nice. Her heart fluttered and her stomach leapt, remembering the last time she had felt their energies.
            ‘It’s good to see you,’ said Trylia, beaming at her friend.
            ‘Are we all ready?’ asked Fane.
            ‘You sound eager,’ said Brenum.
            ‘I just want to get this over with and make sure Relsor is dead,’ said Fane.
            ‘Don’t we all,’ said Lord Void. ‘It is another reason why I wish to join the fight on Relsor’s ship. I learnt the hard way, when I was much younger, when it comes to destroying something…’ His eyes grew distant.
            ‘You want to make sure I get the job done well or something?’ asked Fane.
            ‘The last time I entrusted someone to destroy something for me, it didn’t get destroyed,’ said Lord Void.
            ‘Why didn’t you destroy it yourself?’ asked Shadie.
            ‘It’s a long story I may one day reveal, but for now, it is unimportant,’ replied Lord Void.
            ‘Did it get destroyed in the end, at least?’ inquired Brenum.
            Lord Void looked at the blue-haired Jedi. ‘It’s a long story I may one day reveal, but for now, as I’ve already said, it is unimportant.’
            ‘Message received, then, eh?’ said Knarf.
            ‘Come,’ said Fane. ‘A war awaits us.’

* * *

Lian Senses Relsor w (S9Ch10)

Lian Senses Relsor at the Crypt (from The Future of the Force, Story 9, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

            Nriwe sat before the display monitor that showed her several fleets in place at different areas of the galaxy. She was coordinating from one fleet to the other, communicating for many who did not wish to deal with either Sith or Jedi, acting as an intermediary. However, her main priority remained the coordination of the Mandalorian fleet once the squad leaders had boarded Relsor’s flagship and to help each squad coordinate with each other if need be.
            Mandalore’s fleet came out of hyperspace somewhere near the edge of the galaxy, far in the Outer Rim, within the Tingel Arm. Nriwe focused her attention on that area of the holo display.
            Mandalore opened a channel to her. ‘We’re scanning the area. It appears the way is clear here as well.’ Mandalore paused. ‘Wait, we have something.’ Nriwe felt excited. She switched a key on the holoscreen next to the monitor display and saw through the Mandalorian flagship viewport as though she were aboard. Hundreds of ships suddenly became unstealthed.
            ‘You’ve found it,’ she said.
            ‘Yes!’ said Mandalore. ‘Contact Supreme Chancellor Emain and Lord Void and give them the coordinates of the True Sith armada.’
            ‘Will do, Mandalore!’ Nriwe did as had been asked of her.
            She looked over at Lian; he was kneeling in meditation. Thera was near her father, meditating with him. Suddenly she stood and ran to her mother.
            ‘Mommy, I don’t feel well.’
            ‘It’s okay, sweetheart, everything will be fine. Perhaps you’re just nervous for Uncle Fane. I’m sure he’s going to be all right.’
            Lian opened his eyes. ‘Something’s changed in the Force,’ he said. ‘I’m searching, but I can’t find.’
            ‘I really feel sick,’ Thera complained.
            Lian walked to her and took her in his arms. He put a hand on her forehead. ‘She’s burning up!’ he said alarmed.
            ‘I don’t know what Relsor’s doing but I don’t like him targeting our daughter,’ said Nriwe.
            There was much chatter on the other end of the line. Then Mandalore’s voice came in clear.
            ‘Nriwe, we have a problem. It appears that Relsor’s flagship is not amidst the armada.’
            Nriwe realised what that meant, probably exactly at the same time as Lian, because his pale blue face went even paler.
            ‘Relsor’s not targeting Thera,’ he said. ‘He’s here.’
            Suddenly, there was the loud sound of an explosion and the place shook. Lian clenched his teeth. Nriwe called out into the comchannel.
            ‘Relsor is at the Crypt. I repeat: Relsor is at the Crypt and is attacking it.’ Nriwe turned to Lian. ‘Is there anything you can do?’
            Lian nodded. ‘The crypt has ancient defences. It has put up a shield. I don’t know how long that will hold.’ Lian gently put Thera down from his arms. She rubbed her stomach, closing her eyes and taking deep breaths like she had been taught to. ‘I must focus my attention on protecting the Crypt. If he destroys it, he destroys all of us, including me.’
            Nriwe spoke again into the comchannel. ‘Relsor is at the Crypt and is trying to destroy it!’

* * *

            The Sphere lurched as it changed its vector and re-entered hyperspace. Fane could feel its trepidation, its desire to protect the very place it served.
            ‘I don’t know if we all survive if the Crypt is destroyed,’ said Fane. ‘I know that Lian’s life is tied to it and he will surely die if Relsor succeeds.’
            ‘I don’t think we’ll die, but we’ll lose the power of the Crypt and perhaps more,’ said Shadie.
            ‘Relsor couldn’t kill Lian on Mandalore so he’s trying again now?’ said Brenum. ‘We’ll be there to save Lian again.’
            ‘He always has to finish what he starts,’ said Fane, ‘but not this time. I will be the one to finish what I started. I swear, whether it kills me or not, Relsor will die. I will save this galaxy. I promise you that!’
            Fane felt more resolve than he had ever before. He felt determined. The Sphere fed into him its knowledge and power and encouragement, and Fane basked in its strength, allowing the Force to feed him all it could while it still existed, while there was still a chance for him to save it.

“The Future of the Force” is written by Celinka Serre (2022).

Disclaimer: The Characters in this Fan-Fiction are new and have original names. The story is an original written work. The story is derivative and consistent of Fan-Fiction since it borrows the franchise world of Star Wars. Certain jargon and places, or concepts mentioned, along with the SW Old Republic universe belong to Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney. No characters or story lines from the films are used. No story lines or characters from the games or books are used. A handful of characters from the games may be referenced, but are not the main focus in this fanfic story.  This fan-fiction story falls under Fair Use.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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