Below are the Green Healing audio podcast episodes for C-PTSD/PTSD. They are ordered with the the most recent at the top.

These are the more knowledge-based episodes. For remedies for CPTSD/PTSD, you will find several in the various playlists of remedies, such as Bach Flower Remedies, Brew Herbs, Guided Meditations, among others.

Counter-Dependency – What It Is and How To Heal
Co-Dependency – What It Is and How To Heal
Navigating Through Emotional Flashbacks with Your Partner
Healing Abuse Trauma With Big 5 Personality Traits OCEAN
People-Pleaser Syndrome – Traits and How To Overcome
Triggers and Emotional Flashbacks
Overcoming Escapism and Addiction
Physical Symptoms of CPTSD (Weight Loss, Weight Gain, Hair Loss, Fatigue, Burnout, Anxiety)
PTSD vs C-PTSD – What’s the Difference?

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