Six of Cups


Significance: Infused with red lyrium, the Bruiser presents a more challenging foe, and like all the other types in this suit, follows Corypheus.

Cups 06

The card itself represents: Longing, readiness, harmony, happy memories, attraction, sexual exchange, reunions, social events, manifestation of expectations, care, assistance, dating, etc.

Reversed: Seeking deeper commitments, resisting change, anxiety, melancholy, heaviness, seriousness, rude awakenings, distrust, etc.

Cups 06 O

Standing firmly, confidently, with a hand at his belt, the Bruiser not only bruises those whom he fights, but their hopes as well, wounding their beliefs, given who he fights for and what his existence represents.  Again blinded, as a transparent serpent slithers in the air behind him.  He looks to the West, representative of the past, a past he left behind, bur cannot see for the corruption that blinds him as much as the rest of his kin.

What I think this means for DA: It’s a little redundant here, bit with the Bruiser, I think we can expect, in terms of symbolic predictions, to see where and how the whole red lyrium and Corypheus thing affected the people of Thedas, how far it spread, the way that it affected people in Thedas, and how their beliefs were “bruised” and who’s beliefs are flatering, adapting, or unchanged.

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