Seven of Cups


Significance: Another minion following Corypheus, self-inflicting itself to suffer the horrific fate of red lyrium controlled obedience.

Cups 07

The card itself represents: Poetry, artistry, opportunities, vision, literary gifts, the willpower to achieve one’s goals, imagination, careful decisions, sublety, exploration, deliberations, uncharted territory, following one’s true desires, etc.

Reversed: Regaining clarity, daydreaming, sanity returning, confusion, whims, self-deception, shattered illusions, etc.

Cups 07 O

Contorted by corruption, the Horror resembles the embodiment of pain, and that of the emotion he is, no long human, the horror of the truth, the horror his existence brings upon his victims, the horror his face brings to those who look upon the ever-consuming dark taint.  Three white stars, purity of the past, present, and future, that corruption always find a place to dwell and spread from, this history dictates and thus it will always be.

What I think this means for DA: That! The blights, the taint, the corruption, all from the arch demons.  The future may hold more blights, more arch demons, certainly more taint and corruption, and blight tainted lyrium.  Perhaps other lyriums, as discussed a while back, but definitely more darkspawn tainted lyrium.  Blight tainted Titan!  And a blight-tainted Titan would certainly be a horrific sight.

Links to the Tarot Decks Used in the Comparison, the DAI Tarot Deck, and the Books used to determine what the cards actually represent:

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