My Fixation With Czerka

CZ-198 and Holo Trees
Enter aRosiet playing Dejarik at CZ-198, wishing those Holo Tress were available as decorations.

Ah, CZ-198. And that’s See-Zed for you. I’ve been there so many times, so much that my guildies, most of which are American, began calling it See-Zed too. The thing with CZ is that the decor is green. So, of course I need to get decorations from that place. Put aside the fact that it’s a quick and easy Weekly to do to either level up or get extra comms, sorry data crystals, wait, those are obsolete now too (whatever it’s called now to buy gear and mods withs). I am happy that we don’t have to do the two flashpoints for the Weekly anymore. I get tired of listening to Rasmus Blys and Vigilant speak.

CZ carpet01
Rosiet and Lana at CZ-198, when the rug wasn’t available yet as a decoration.

So CZ has neat decorations, a painting I like, some cool desks and chairs, trees. A carpet that SHOULD have been available as a decoration, that Dulfy predicted would be, but that only came out, what, two years after its decor announcement was made, or something like that. I left a spot for it in Rosiet’s Temple of Light and I waited until that rug was available before getting the Stronghold to 100%.

Rosiet’s HK-51 standing next to a Czerka banner.

CZ also has droids, GREEN droids. So of course, my Hk-51 unit HAS to have that customization. Of course that tends to create confusion amongst a group of less than 4, as he then looks like all the other Czerka droids and folk, including myself, have tried to kill him only to realise he’s a friend and not a foe.

CZ Dessler mount
Rosiet while she waited for Dessler to spawn one time.

Czerka also has Dessler. That bisnatch spawns so rarely, ittook  me forever to get her ride, but I got it. The blue and red versions that drop in flashpoints don’t do it for me. Why? The answer is simple and obvious, NOT GREEN. So there, I was on Daenerys and Dessler was up. I got a bit of help from some guildies and the vehicle is Bound to Legacy, so I sent it to Rosiet. She looks perfect in it. It’s HER mount. Her nice green ride of pride. It’s like having bragging rights. And funny enough, Zakuul’s Breaktown is full of speeders that look just like that. I guess once CZ-198 was shut down, they moved shop to Zakuul. Fair enough, but I’m still the one driving around in Dessler’s speeder, not Arcann. And I’m the one in the Eternal Empire’s seat, and with the nifty green Czerka decor.

CZ Green Rug
Eidahs standing in Rosiet’s Temple of Light (off camera) with the new rug.

You can see Rosiet ride the Dessler in her Temple of Light in this video. It is a video on my gameplay channel, Shadie’s Gameplay, called SWTOR Female Characters Full Video. This had all te female characters I had created at the time, sme couple of years after I had begun playing SWTOR.

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