Chapter Six

Mandalore smiled back at Talyc through the holoprojection; Talyc had just given him an account of how things had been so far in his recovery.
            ‘And how are you getting on with all those Jedi around you?’
            Talyc leaned in closer to the monitor. ‘To be honest, and I mean, don’t get me wrong, I like Tython, but it’ll be good to be back home.’
            ‘I’m glad to hear it!’
            ‘I hope Clan Kandera hasn’t had too much trouble from Dargoza,’ said Talyc.
            ‘Not that I’m aware of,’ replied Mandalore. Talyc nodded. ‘You just focus on getting yourself to your usual fit shape, let me worry about Dargoza and the others.’
            ‘Sounds good.’ Talyc laughed. He chimed out. He heard someone knocking on the bunker door and entering. He heard the person speaking as Talyc made his way to the entrance.
            ‘Hello? Fane said I could just come in to let you know…’
            ‘Whoa!’ Talyc doubled over, tripping on himself, backing up to the wall. He saw green hued skin and face tattoos. He hurried to the other end of the bunker and grabbed his vibroblade. He returned and pointed it right at the intruder, who had a very puzzled look on their face. Talyc felt himself begin to sweat and he blinked as his vision blurred slightly.
            ‘Uhm, Talyc, it’s okay.’ The being hesitated. ‘Remember me? Josur? I was on Mandalore when the True Sith attacked Coruscant.’
            Talyc took a firmer grip on his vibroblade, holding it with both hands. He took a step forward. ‘Just, stay where you are, Mirialan. Hold it right there, don’t move. Don’t come any closer.’
            ‘I’m not moving, Talyc.’ The voice was soothing. ‘It’s all right. I’m a friend.’ 
            Talyc realised the voice was male. He blinked a few more times. The green blur cleared and Talyc could see Josur’s face, a concerned look upon it. Talyc dropped his vibroblade, backing up to the wall again, and let himself slide down it, feeling defeated. He was shaking.
            ‘I’m sorry. You’re the first Mirialan I’ve seen since…’
            ‘I know, it’s okay; Fane filled me in.’ Josur hesitated. ‘Can I come in?’ Talyc nodded and Josur walked to him, putting a gentle hand on his shoulder as he crouched next to him. ‘I can understand you’d think any Mirialan would be her. However, you do realise I’m missing a few parts and have a few parts too many, if you catch my meaning.’ Talyc laughed, despite himself. ‘Come on, let’s get you up.’
            Josur helped Talyc up. Talyc wiped his forehead and looked at the Jedi, taking a deep breath. The Jedi held him steady; Talyc was still swaying a bit.
            Fane and Lian walked in, followed by the Republic Supreme Chancellor.
            ‘Talyc are you all right?’ asked Fane, concern in his voice. Talyc nodded.
            ‘He experienced a flashback of some sort,’ explained Josur. ‘It’s my Mirialan face, you see.’
            ‘Oh!’ Fane looked a bit confused. Josur chuckled.
            ‘It’s okay,’ said Talyc. ‘I thought he was her for a moment.’ He looked at Josur. ‘I’m sorry about that, to compare you to her, worst insult ever.’ Josur laughed and let go of Talyc who was able to stand on his own now.
            ‘We’ll work on that later,’ said Lian, ‘healing those memories.’
            Talyc smiled sheepishly; he felt embarrassed. He waved shyly at the Supreme Chancellor. Emain walked up to him and put a hand on his shoulder.
            ‘I hear you suffered the same tortures as I did at the hands of Perce,’ he said. ‘Know that you have my sympathies and my greatest understanding. We share a mutual hatred for the man.’
            ‘You can say that again,’ said Talyc, ‘him and Relsor both.’ 
            Emain nodded. ‘Don’t worry, we’ll get back at him. For one, I’m standing here very much alive, and soon, the entire galaxy is going to think me dead. And then when Shadie escapes her captivity, I will reveal myself to the galaxy and wipe that smirk off Perce’s smug face.’ He looked at Josur. ‘Which I can’t stop saying, I’m just too eager.’
            ‘I look forward to that,’ said Talyc.
            ‘First things first,’ said Fane. ‘Let’s install ourselves to watch the security holocams and hope that Eight-Oh doesn’t get too damaged from the blast.’ Fane turned to Talyc. ‘Emain received word as he was landing on Tython that Relsor’s shuttle has arrived on Coruscant.’
            ‘Whatever we’re doing this for, I hope Knarf knows what he’s doing,’ said Talyc.
            They installed themselves around the holoscreen monitor and waited.

* * *

            Relsor sat in his comfortable armchair in his multi-purpose command chamber. Perce sat to his right, as per his usual, and Jassahmi sat to his left. A number of True Sith stood at one end of the chamber to watch the spectacle that was about to unfold. Several other Sith brought in the Jedi and lined them up in front of Relsor.
            Knarf stood tall, his hands clasped in front of him. He wasn’t wearing his armour, but rather his simple clothes that he usually wore under it. Shadie looked grumpy, but seemed glad to be able to move freely; Relsor had asked the Sith not to use Force stasis telekinesis on the Jedi. Brenum and Trylia looked like there was some tension between them. Trylia was trying to whisper something to Brenum, but the Jedi looked less responsive than he might have otherwise been under normal circumstances.
            ‘Welcome back to my viewing room,’ said Relsor, ‘I have something to share with you: a great spectacle. This will be a great day for the True Sith, and an unforgettable day for the Republic.’
            ‘What have you done, Relsor?’ demanded Shadie, obviously looking for confirmation that this related to what Knarf had warned her about.
            ‘It’s not what I have done, but rather what we have done.’ Relsor motioned his arms in a circular manner. ‘We all played a part in this, to make it possible, all four of us.’
            ‘Four of you?’ said Brenum.
            ‘Yes. That is: Perce,’ Relsor gestured his hand towards Perce, ‘Jassahmi,’ he gestured his other hand towards Jassahmi, ‘and me, along with the help of my apprentice.’ He gestured towards Knarf. ‘In fact, he played a valuable part in this, and it would otherwise not have been possible.’ 
            Knarf nodded. ‘Thank you, Relsor, I appreciate the show of confidence in my abilities to execute the plan as you desired it to be done.’
            Shadie scowled, while Brenum and Trylia looked panicked.
            ‘Why is this going to be an unforgettable day for the Republic?’ asked Trylia.
            ‘Patience, my dear Trylia, you will soon see.’ Relsor hit a few buttons on his armrest and the transparisteel viewports turned into a wide holoscreen. ‘Come stand closer to me, so you may have a better panoramic view as the event unfolds.’
            One portion of the screen showed the inside of the shuttle, and the other portion showed what several holocams on Coruscant were showing.
            The Jedi came to stand more to the side where they could see the holoscreen well, but where Relsor could also see them and their reactions quite well.
            ‘These holoimages here are from Coruscant.’
            ‘I can see that, I recognise the Senate Tower in the background,’ said Shadie.
            ‘We sliced into the mainframe to be able to view them. Over here is one of my shuttles, it has been rigged with several of my uncle’s superlasers. They have been programmed to detonate upon my command and also rigged in such a way that they will detonate as one entity, as opposed to destroying each other, seeing as they are so close together.’ Relsor observed the Jedi’s faces. ‘Knarf helped make that possible.’
            ‘Knarf? What?’ Brenum looked over at his friend. ‘What have you done? Why are you helping him, and why is he calling you his apprentice?’
            The Coruscant cams showed a security detail approaching the shuttle and prod at it. A voice could be heard coming from within the shuttle, Jassahmi’s voice, which had been pre-recorded and Relsor would make it play at the hit of a button.
            ‘Help me, please. Please, help me. I’m stuck.’
            ‘Who’s in there?’ the security officer asked.
            ‘I’m scared.’
            ‘I understand,’ the security officer was saying, ‘but I can’t help you if you don’t let me. How can I get in? Your shuttle is of Chiss design, are you from Csilla?’
            ‘I fled, I escaped. Please help. I know a friend on Coruscant, I’m too scared to come out to anyone but him.’
            ‘Okay, well tell me, who is your friend, and I’ll go get him.’
            ‘Emain, Supreme Chancellor Emain.’
            ‘All right, well, we need to get him. I’ll be right here, don’t worry. Your shuttle has taken some damage; it looks like the doors can only be open from your end. You will need to open it so that the Supreme Chancellor can reach you.’
            ‘You’re not going to do what I think you are,’ said Brenum. ‘Relsor?’
            Relsor sneered. ‘I am going to do precisely that!’
            ‘Knarf, tell me you didn’t make this possible,’ said Brenum. ‘Tell me Relsor is toying with us.’
            ‘I’m sorry,’ said Knarf.
            ‘What? You idiot! You’re going to get the Supreme Chancellor killed!’
            Brenum lunged at Knarf, putting his hands on the slicer’s shoulders and shaking him. Relsor reached with the Force and pulled them apart, as Trylia and Shadie were shouting at them to stop fighting. Knarf fell to the ground as Brenum pushed him with the Force.
            ‘Here are two truths, Brenum, and listen to me carefully,’ said Knarf. ‘One: Perce isn’t a skilled enough slicer to accomplish what needed to be accomplished here, Relsor needed me.’ He looked at Perce. ‘No offence. Well actually, yes.’ Relsor laughed as Knarf turned back to Brenum. ‘And two: I needed to prove myself to Relsor as trustworthy in order to regain our Master-Apprentice relationship.’ His expression was intense. Shadie helped him up.
            ‘I think I understand,’ said Trylia. ‘Some things become necessary.’  She looked at Relsor as she said this. He winked at her.
            ‘No, no! You’re a traitor!’ shouted Brenum.
            ‘Brenum, you’re not listening!’ Shadie shouted back at him.
            ‘Please, settle down now,’ said Perce, pointing at the panoramic holoscreen monitor, ‘Supreme Chancellor Emain is arriving at the shuttle.’
            Emain looked hesitant and took a few cautious steps towards the shuttle.
            ‘Hello?’ he said. ‘I was told you are a friend and required my presence to feel safe. I want you to know, that if you escaped Darth Relsor, then rest assured, you are among friends.’
            ‘Thank you, I’m so happy you came.’
            ‘Do I actually know you? Pardon me, what I mean is, you can trust my security officers as much as you can trust me, but if I, the face of the Republic, is who you need to see to feel safe and secure, then allow me to enter your shuttle and tend to you with my helping hand.’ Emain’s voice was soothing.
            ‘He’s a good diplomat,’ said Shadie, looking impressed.
            ‘You’re only realising this now?’ said Perce.
            ‘Well, I mean, for such a situation,’ Shadie explained. It seemed to Relsor as though Shadie had had time to come to terms with what she knew was about to happen. ‘I didn’t spend much time dealing with the Senate, remember, I’ve been mostly on Mandalore.’
            ‘True.’ replied Perce. He smiled, as the shuttle’s door was opened. ‘Here comes the good part.’
            Trylia gasped and put her hands to her mouth. Relsor felt like reassuring her of the necessity that she seemed to have understood earlier. He watched as Brenum put a hand on her shoulder and she leaned into him, while still watching the holoscreen. Relsor scowled. He would rather he were the one on whom Trylia was leaning for comfort. He turned his attention back to what was happening on Coruscant as Emain entered the shuttle.
            The Supreme Chancellor took a few steps more into the shuttle and looked around. ‘I’m in,’ he said. ‘Where are you?’
            Relsor switched on another comchannel, and this time he spoke directly into it, no recordings.
            ‘Nowhere, as there is no one in here but you now.’ Relsor pressed a button and the shuttle door closed again. Emain looked frightened, as he should be. ‘This is for the armada you sent me, trying to test me. Whatever it is you were trying to achieve then, you failed, and you failed again now too, Emain. It’s over for you. I destroyed your fleet, and now I will destroy you. And soon, I will destroy your Republic and the petty Jedi Order that claims to serve you.’
            Relsor pressed the button that was linked to the superlasers and the shuttle exploded into morsels and shrapnel that flew about the entire Senate courtyard.
            Relsor glanced at the Jedi. Trylia was hiding her face in Brenum’s embrace, Brenum himself was turning away, his jaw clenched, Shadie was swallowing hard, and Knarf just stood tall, looking proud of his handiwork. 
            Relsor smiled. He stood from his seat. ‘Knarf, it seems you have proven yourself to me. Congratulations, my apprentice.’
            ‘Thank you, Relsor. I mean, thank you, Master.’
            ‘How could you?’ said Brenum. He reached out with the Force and called Relsor’s lightsaber to him. 
            Relsor had not expected that; he allowed his surprise to show on his face. However, he had, as a reward, brought Knarf’s lightsaber, and so when Knarf looked at him, he motioned to it and Knarf called it to himself, blocking Brenum’s attack. Red and orange light gleamed, while on the viewscreen, smoke and ash was still settling from the explosion. Several civilians had been injured but it seemed as though the security detail had anticipated things when the shuttle doors had closed. Everyone had moved out of reach and no one had died, except for Emain, of course.
            Relsor’s attention was split, so was Shadie’s and Trylia’s. Knarf and Brenum were locked closely, staring intently at each other. The two Jedi ladies stepped in, trying to separate them, leaning in, trying to grab hold of them to steady them. Relsor moved about as he tried to see, they were blocking his view.
            Finally Brenum backed away, pushing Knarf who staggered back. He pointed the red blade towards him.
            ‘Fine, but only because Trylia asks me to leave it be for now.’ Brenum powered down the lightsaber and threw it back at Relsor, who caught it. ‘This isn’t over, Knarf!’ Then in a harsh whisper: ‘Far from it.’

“Healers of the Force” is written by Celinka Serre (2021).

Disclaimer: The Characters in this Fan-Fiction are new and have original names. The story is an original written work. The story is derivative and consistent of Fan-Fiction since it borrows the franchise world of Star Wars. Certain jargon and places, or concepts mentioned, along with the SW Old Republic universe belong to Lucasfilm Ltd. and Disney. No characters or story lines from the films are used. No story lines or characters from the games or books are used. A handful of characters from the games may be referenced, but are not the main focus in this fanfic story.  This fan-fiction story falls under Fair Use.

This is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places, and incidents either are the product of the author’s imagination or are used fictitiously, and any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, events, or locales is entirely coincidental.

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