Page of Swords

Cole (Human)

Significance: It’s significant that Cold be the Page, as usually a page is a young boy (sometimes represented in certain decks as a young girl), and Cole is perhaps the youngest member of the Inquisition, as more human, more physical, with of course his daggers, since he’s the assassin specialisation class.

Swords 11 Page

The card itself represents: Women aged 36 or younger, adaptability, assertiveness, honesty, messages, proving abilities, language skills, the beginnings of independent thinking, risk, exploring the realm of ideas, a series or change, etc.

When Cole becomes more human, it is a major change to what he has always known.

Reversed: Imprisonment, gossip, spying, a change of plans, an unfinished project, lack of discernment, resistance, aimlessness, inner turmoil, excessive secrecy, learning deficiency, etc.

Swords Page

Surrounded by the purity of white, he stands with a hand on his breast, it is a show of submission, as he submits to his human form and identity.  Yet he is not powerless, as he wears a body black, marked by golden symbols, reflecting the material world.  He still retains his spirited abilities, yet like his brooch pins his collar, he is pinned to the human world.  In his eyes, a dark ember reveals his shadow side that he may yet visit when he assassinates his enemies.

What I think this means for Cole: I think as a human, there is less of a risk that he be turned into a demon.  He experiences being a human while still being able to help others.  But then he can be killed, no?  I think he’s going to be in a future game, it will be interesting to see the interaction with him as a human.

What I think this means for DA: His ability to read People’s minds and connection to the Fade may be what we need to help people like Solas and to learn more about important people.

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