This page is dedicated to recipes I have invented or altered majorly, that involve alcohol. This includes Dragon Age inspired drinks. Select drink videos can be found on my channel.

I took a Bartending class once upon a time at the Absolute Bartending Institute in Montreal. Cocktail creations seems to come naturally and randomly.

Find recipes by following the appropriate links below. Drinks have been properly categorised to facilitate your drinking experience. Enjoy all of Binky’s alcoholic creations. Most recent or fan favourite drinks and cocktails will always be features on this main Alcohol page as well being listed on the appropriate page for the type of drink it is.

Cheers! Na zdrowie!

Shaken Cocktails (includes blender required drinks as well)

Stirred Drinks

Floats and Specials

Classic Adaptations (modifications to existing drinks)

Friends’ Drinks (invented by friends, where I played no part in the creation)

Dragon Age Inspired Drinks (extracted from Thedas, adapted to fit our world)


(a Dragon Age inspired drink)

The Dread Wolf Drink

-1/2 oz to 3/4 ox White Rum

-3/4 oz Midori

-Fill with Ginger Ale

-1/2 oz or more Black Sambuca

In a short glass, place ice cubes. Then pour in White Rum and Midori. Fill with Ginger Ale leaving a margin at the top. Then pour in the Black Sambuca over the ice.


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Bartending Certificate from Absolute Bartending Institue (Montreal)

For Cocktail Creation: Subj.: Cocktail Creation.

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