Protectors Story 6 Fanfic & Cosplay Photos

Here are the few pictures that were made for the sixth story of the Protectors of the Force series, Healers of the Force. Some of them are Cosplay photos, others are digitally altered photos of characters I created in-game to depict the image I have in mind of certain characters in this story. There is also commissioned fan-art included for this story.

Featured characters include: Shadie, Knarf, Fane, Brenum, Trylia, Talyc Kandera, Relsor, Perce, Jedi Master Lian, Jassahmi, Awgro, Mandalore (Rich) and his wife Corinne.

Fan-art commissioned for this story of Brenum and Trylia sharing an intimate moment. Artist credit: Dimitra Nik.

Brenum and Trylia Share an Intimate Moment (Fan-art by Dimitra Nik) (from Healers of the Force, Story 6, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

You can find the Protectors of the Force fanfic story series here.

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