Here you will find extras to Dragon Age videos, such as transcripts for Tarot card meanings and analyses (and more Tarot content), video playlists, sky maps, Memes I’ve created, other additional funsies.

You will also find SWTOR Characters Backstories and a few extra funsies.

If you’re interested in reading the Fan-Fiction short stories and novellas I have written in these franchises (DA, ME, SWTOR), they are available at the link above for your enjoyment.

SWTOR Character Backstories & Extras.

Dragon Age Memes, Tarot Transcripts & Spreads, Maps & Extras

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For Dragon Age Theories, Lore, Tarot & Predictions, Dragon Age 4 news, piano covers, parodies & more, as well as other things gaming (a bit of Mass Effect for N7 Day content and occasional SWTOR content), you can surely be entertained with DarthShadie Lavellan.

Alternately, visit Shadie’s Gameplay for Gameplay and Let’s Plays from Dragon Age, Mass Effect, SWTOR, and other games.


Darth Shadie, Jedi Eidahs, Rosiet (or simply Rosie)

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