SWTOR Character Backstories

Here is the directory to the Backstories and Follow-up Backstories for the Characters I have created in SWTOR (Star Wars: The Old Republic). It is a mix of role-playing and fan-fiction. Backstories are more explanatory while the Follow-up Backstories include more story style scenes. There are also a few extra funsies too, all part of the same RP-Fiction.

View ALL my SWTOR Alts and their current In-Game level/class/alignment/crew skills/strongholds/etc.

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Rosiet, Alagos and Brenum


Discover the family of Jedi where one has infiltrated the Sith Order and another has found an until now unknown half brother.

Shadiesse and Shayder

Shadiesse and Shayder

Read about the Chiss siblings who lost everything and have become a force to be reckoned with.

Medeusa and Kalros

Medeusa and Kalros

Discover the character who embodies the Dark Side in a way none other does and her non-Force user apprentice who revels in destruction almost more than her Sith Master does.

Eidahs and Daenerys

Daenerys and Eidahs

Discover another alter ego and the white eyed commando Commando.

Hawke and Isabella

Hawke ad Isabella

Taking fan-fiction RP to a whole new level, discover the cross-over character and her Twi’lek counterpart who happens to have the same name as an actual friend from her original realm.

Desmond and Tiamat

Desmond and Tiamat

Discover the green skinned Jedi who balances Light and Dark, making passion serene, and the Jedi with many secrets who is named after a mythical planet.

Shadereth and Killian

Shadereth and Killian

Learn what happened to the other Chiss sibling and who the knowledgeable in the Force Sniper who helped him is.

Follow-up Backstories

Killian’s Deception

Killian and Tassanah

Learn who Killian truly is and how he is deceiving the others with a scene from his past.

Musings In The Dark


Desmond has disturbing visions, Medeusa senses something darker than herself and Shadiesse recognises someone she can’t remember.

Tiamat’s Burning Betrayal – Part 1

Tiamat's Burning Betrayal Part 1

Tiamat’s true identity and relationship with Killian are revealed as the two face off with Desmond and his rage.

Tiamat’s Burning Betrayal – Part 2


Their true motives finally exposed, a battle between Chiss siblings and Dark Side Ambassador ensues as each side vies to destroy the other.

Hawke Is Extracted From the Fade

Hawke Persistent Gore

As a cross-over between SWTOR and Dragon Age, Hawke’s friends from the SWTOR galaxy use Sith Alchemy to view her world and save her.


Rosiet and the Tentacles

Rosiet and Tentacles

What began as an innocent group excursion, ended as an on-going gag that went places no one could foresee.

Resolute Protector’s Goop

Trio of Goop

A little dash of goop over here, a spot of cotton candy over there, how did all this goop come to be!

My Fixation With Czerka

CZ Link Image

I explain what it is that has me so fixated with Czerka and what this fixation entails.


Darth Shadie, Jedi Eidahs, Rosiet (or simply Rosie)

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