Ballorn and Maranna – SWTOR Character Backstories

Some new character backstories are up on the website, but beware, these contain spoilers for my SWTOR fan-fiction series. Here is a preview for Ballorn and Maranna.

Discover the two leaders of a faction who are vying to be the sole leader, who despise each other but are enduring each other out of necessity, and their ties to other characters.

Ballorn was trained in various forms of lightsaber techniques, thus he knows how to wield two blades, a staff, one lightsaber, or even two staves.

Ballorn is introduced in later instalments. He looks like his brother and is his enemy. He becomes the leader of the True Sith faction, titled High Lord Ballorn. Even if he wields the dark side, since physically he is the mirror image of his older brother, his in-game class and specialisation are also the mirror image of his brother’s. For a long time they never met, because Brenum never knew Ballorn existed. Ballorn hid himself well and at the appropriate time, revealed himself. (Continues.)

Maranna is Ballorn’s ally, or she should be. She is the self-proclaimed leader of the True Sith in essence, which Ballorn allowed due to a Force defect she has which makes her an extremely powerful and dangerous being in my SWTOR fan-fiction story. She too was created specifically to depict her story character.

In-game Maranna is a marauder, wielding two lightsabers. Story Maranna wields a lightsaber and a lightwhip. The lightwhip she got from Relsor; it originally belonged to Darth Gourd, the founder of the True Sith faction, Relsor’s uncle. Maranna is human, and was introduced in Story 9 of the fanfic series. She was Relsor’s lover.

So how are there two leaders of the True Sith who endure each other? (Continues.)

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