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Secrets from the Past Star Wars Old Republic Fan fiction Story 8

The Old Republic era novella fan-fiction series continues on Mandalore and Ziost with Secrets from the Past, Story 8 of the series.

"When the group of Jedi get their hands on an old datapad containing logs with secret information about Relsor, the True Sith leader ensures to take it from them, and captures Trylia in the process. After viewing its contents, Relsor lets Trylia go free, but she is intercepted by Imperial Intelligence and captured anew. Meanwhile on Mandalore, an old flame of Talyc’s is recruited into clan Dargoza before the Mandalorians discover a scheme that sends them to Ziost, where they must cooperate with Relsor and Perce in order to save Trylia."

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Training – SWTOR Stand-Alone Fan-Fiction Short Story

I wrote a stand-alone fanfic scene taking place in the SWTOR universe, between three existing characters. It is an explicit scene. The excerpt is however safe for work.

Theron and Koth taunt each other while training and things quickly heat up
before they are interrupted by Lana, whom they entice to join them.

Theron entered the training room. Koth was already working out. He wore training gear, except his shirt was on the floor in a corner.
        ‘Didn’t realise you’d be up this early,’ said Theron.
        ‘You didn’t expect to have the whole room to yourself, did you?’
        ‘At this hour? One could hope for some peace and quiet,’ replied Theron.
        ‘Too bad for you,’ said Koth, lifting a set of weights, his muscles bulging. ‘You’re not the only one who enjoys some alone workout time.’
        ‘Yeah, well, at least I don’t need the training,’ said Theron.
        ‘Ho-ho! Then why are you even here?’ Behind the weights he was lifting, Koth cocked a brow, giving Theron a sardonic look.
        ‘I like to stay one step ahead of my enemies,’ said Theron, jabbing at a punching bag. ‘Make sure someone like you doesn’t get better than me.’
        ‘And you think you’re better than me, Mister Slicer?’
        ‘Spy and slicer,’ Theron corrected. ‘And yes, I’m pretty agile in a fight.’
        ‘I’m the gunman of us two,’ said Koth, barely straining to lift the heavyweights. ‘I don’t waste my time slicing consoles all day. I stay in the fray of battle.’
        ‘Oh yeah? You really think you’ve got the skills?’ Theron walked towards Koth. ‘Let’s see it then.’
        ‘You’re on!’ Koth placed the weights back down and clapped his hands as he stood.
        Koth and Theron took low stances, calculating and evaluating each other. Theron feigned to one side, and Koth came at him. Theron side-stepped as Koth rammed past him. Theron chuckled.
        ‘Told you I was nimble,’ said Theron. ‘You’re too used to being a ranged fighter. What happens when your enemies get too close for comfort? I think you lack the skills I possess.’ Theron chuckled again.
        His laugh was cut short when Koth grabbed him from the side, spinning him around, locking his arms, and bringing him down to his knees.
        ‘You mean this close?’ asked Koth, pressing his cheek against Theron’s head.
        His breath on Theron’s neck was hot and sent a warm shiver down Theron’s back.
        ‘That’s right, your crew was telling me you like to breathe down people’s necks,’ said Theron.
        ‘Only yours,’ replied Koth. Theron let out a laugh. ‘What’s wrong? Eating your words from earlier?’
        ‘You wish.’
        Theron pulled Koth down, barrel rolling. Koth slid across the floor as Theron shot back up, laughing. He wiped sweat from his forehead and removed his shirt.
        ‘Things heating up too fast for you, Theron?’ Koth stood back up.
        ‘Not in the slightest,’ replied Theron.
        ‘I already pinned you down once, Theron. Wouldn’t want to embarrass you.’
        ‘You’ll only embarrass yourself,’ replied Theron, coming at Koth. The two grabbed each other’s arms and locked in their holds, pushing against the other.
        Koth bent low and reached for Theron’s underarm, lifting him slightly off the ground and turning him around, locking his arm as he stood behind him.
        ‘You only know that one move or…?’ laughed Theron, making sure his feet remained firmly on the mat.
        ‘You keep falling for it,’ said Koth. ‘Looks like I get another point.’
        ‘You keep forgetting,’ began Theron. He twisted, pulling on Koth, and flipped Koth onto the mat on the ground. Koth fell onto his back with a thump and a groan. Theron loomed over him. ‘I always get myself out of it.’ He grinned.
        Koth spun and kicked Theron behind the calves. Theron’s legs gave way, and he fell to his hands and knees.
        ‘Ooh, I love seeing you on your knees, Theron.’
        ‘Relish while you can, Koth, ‘cause I’m not staying in this position for long.’
        Theron grabbed Koth’s leg, pulling the Zakkulan towards him. Koth rolled, grabbing Theron’s waist, and ended up on top of Theron.
        ‘Looks like the victory’s mine,’ said Koth, grinning.
        ‘Not so fast, Vortena!’

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All My SWTOR Characters Updated + My Future Plans with them

I have my mega list of all my SWTOR characters, with their class, crew skills, alignment, which stronghold they’re in. Well some of them moved strongholds, a lot of them have a higher level than before. So here is the updated version of All My SWTOR Characters, as of right before update 7.0, in January 2022.

You will see many have reached level 75, which until Tuesday was the max level in-game. Many of those lvl 75 characters have augment sin them now. I did that specifically before update 7.0. There are 10 of them augmented at the highest level augments. Those will be the ones I will be levelling to level 80 first. many of them will not be seeing the new content yet, even at max level. I will be getting Rosiet and Shadyer through it first.

Ballorn has changed from DPS to Tank, and Brenum and Ballorn now have crew skills.

Many of my Mandos now reside in Tiamat’s lair of Shadows, and that’s the other change, Tiamat’s stronghold used to not have a title.

I plan on creating an addition character with the enw character creation, one inspired by my Dungeons and Dragon Age character from the fun little tabletop DnD in the the Dragon Age world I’m a part of. I want her to be a sage but with lightning, and now with update 7.0 that will be possible.

I’ll be waiting a couple of weeks before going in the game to let the bugs be fixed. I’ve lived through enough huge updates like this to know things break, things change, things get re-adjusted mid-week, after a day or two, after a week or a second week. When Disciplines were added and Skill Trees were gone, all abilities reset. But after a week, there were changes and adjustments to the new Disciplines, so abilities reset again. That was annoying. This time, huge update, new cap, new content, plus Disciplines are being replaced by Ability Trees. As much as I want to go in-game now, I will wait a bit. It will be worth it.

You can catch my characters’ backstories here: https://binkyproductions.com/celinkaserre/gaming/swtorcharacterbackstories/

You can refer to this list on this page in future: https://binkyproductions.com/celinkaserre/gaming/swtorcharacterbackstories/swtor-alts/

Lian Faces His Fate (SWTOR Fanfic Photoshop Experiments)

In Story 7, Lian has to face his greatest fear, sensing much. He is a central character in the events of this story and his choices carry over in the stories of the series to come.

To depict Lian, I created a character in SWTOR specifically for his depictions, a blue Twi’lek. This one was a simple one to do, choosing a screenshot of a background of the Jedi Knight ship that could look like a Jedi archive on Tython. Lian’s expression is with one of the game’s Emotes Moods. Basic Photoshop editing was required for colour correction, lighting adjustments, and the “border” of light around the character. I like this one, despite its simplicity. It is a meaningful scene in the story.

Lian senses his death in the Force on Tython (from Protectors of the Force, Story 7, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

Next is the story image. Each story image is always an object or something of significance, never a character per se. I used a background and created two lightsabers, Lian’s silver-white lightsaber, and one of Relsor’s red lightsabers (he wields two). I had fun paying around with various brushes to creates the sparks of the clash, and then I blurred the background significantly.

By the way, I now have a proper gaming PC, so I’ve been rerecording gameplay of my characters I use to depict fanfic story characters to take better screenshots. I mean, it’s still a ten year old game, so the quality is not as high definition as a game made today, but the screenshots are sharper than before and they allow me to do more with my characters in Photoshop.

Protectors of the Force (Story 7) Official Image – Lian’s Lightsaber clashes against Relsor’s

As you can see, however, farther shots of characters still come one a bit blurry, especially when I’m making them bigger for my image, but it depicts the fight between Lian and Relsor taking place on Mandalore. I’m not sure I got the jump angle correctly though. I think the addition of shadows helps, which I’ve started to get good at. It’s a simple task of adding a layer, selecting the character, painting that area of the layer black, playing with the opacity, adding a Gaussian Blur, and then adjusting the angle and length of the shadow layer.

Lian and Relsor duel on Mandalore (from Protectors of the Force, Story 7, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

I know in the future I will need to improve and perfect the severed lekku for Lian. This image was a last minute addition, though it is a start for practice. Though in the future, he’ll not have a fresh wound at the sever point, I’ll need to remember where the lekku is shortened and at what angle. Kind of like remembering to add wrinkles or scars to specific characters.

This is Lian at the Crypt, the asteroid rock that has its own gravity and air supply. A rock-like planet type station turned crypt that houses many ancient Jedi and Sith relics.

Lian struggles with a severed lekku (from Protectors of the Force, Story 7, Star Wars Fan-Fiction by Celinka Serre)

As always, I’m open to feedback.

These images were created for my Star Wars The Old Republic Fan-fiction story, Protectors of the Force, Story 7 in the Shadie series.

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