All My SWTOR Characters Updated + My Future Plans with them

I have my mega list of all my SWTOR characters, with their class, crew skills, alignment, which stronghold they’re in. Well some of them moved strongholds, a lot of them have a higher level than before. So here is the updated version of All My SWTOR Characters, as of right before update 7.0, in January 2022.

You will see many have reached level 75, which until Tuesday was the max level in-game. Many of those lvl 75 characters have augment sin them now. I did that specifically before update 7.0. There are 10 of them augmented at the highest level augments. Those will be the ones I will be levelling to level 80 first. many of them will not be seeing the new content yet, even at max level. I will be getting Rosiet and Shadyer through it first.

Ballorn has changed from DPS to Tank, and Brenum and Ballorn now have crew skills.

Many of my Mandos now reside in Tiamat’s lair of Shadows, and that’s the other change, Tiamat’s stronghold used to not have a title.

I plan on creating an addition character with the enw character creation, one inspired by my Dungeons and Dragon Age character from the fun little tabletop DnD in the the Dragon Age world I’m a part of. I want her to be a sage but with lightning, and now with update 7.0 that will be possible.

I’ll be waiting a couple of weeks before going in the game to let the bugs be fixed. I’ve lived through enough huge updates like this to know things break, things change, things get re-adjusted mid-week, after a day or two, after a week or a second week. When Disciplines were added and Skill Trees were gone, all abilities reset. But after a week, there were changes and adjustments to the new Disciplines, so abilities reset again. That was annoying. This time, huge update, new cap, new content, plus Disciplines are being replaced by Ability Trees. As much as I want to go in-game now, I will wait a bit. It will be worth it.

You can catch my characters’ backstories here:

You can refer to this list on this page in future:

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