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Binky Productions is a video production company that produces Films, Commercial Videos and Multimedia for artists. Binky Ink is the writing division for freelance and fiction writing, as well as screenplay formatting. Celinka Serre is also a YouTuber for Dragon Age gaming, and Green Healing for alternative and natural healing from abuse.

The Girl Who Broke My Nose And Stole My Boyfriend

High-School Drama That Felt Like An Episode of the O.C.

Crack! You know the sound effect in movies when someone gets punched in the face? Imagine that sound inside your head. Now imagine you’re in gym class, high school, and you’re about to win the badminton match, all you have to do is flick the birdie to the other side. But your gym partner, and at the time friend, decides to run across from the other end to whack the birdie. Except she doesn’t whack the birdie, she whacks your nose.

I was 16. And she was part of our gang of friends at the time. And I trusted her. I wasn’t very good at gym, but I was decent enough at badminton. . . I think. Anyway, you can imagine there was a lot of red gushing from my nose. Adrenaline kept me hyped and eager to get to the clinic. Others were passing out around me or running off nauseated. I was in pain, massive pain, but I was surviving.

In the end, I got my nose fixed. Looks better now than it did before it got broken, so there’s that.

So there is me, recovering from my broken nose, sensitive bone, and once summer rolls around (three months later), all I want to do is chill and hang out with my friends. We were four close friends, all girls. One of them is my best friend to this day, I consider her family. Another, a close friend, though we seldom see each other. And the last, the girl who broke my nose.

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Dragon Age: Dreadwolf Innuendo Codex Breakdown (Dragon Age 4 News)

BioWare shared some Codex entries from Dragon Age: Dreadwolf. This particular one, The Randy Dowager Quarterly, Vol. 3, is just filled with innuendos of the naughty kind. Allow me to point them out to you.
#Dragonage #dragonagedreadwolf #dragonage4 #codex

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Stardust Destinies Prelude – An Epic Fantasy Short Story for Stardust Destinies

Niome shut the book she held on her lap and looked at Elina, her master. She pondered for a moment as they both sat in silence.
— ‘Don’t try to recite it by heart,’ Elina said with a small laugh, ‘learn our history enough to understand the importance of our spells.’
— Niome smiled sheepishly. ‘But you seem to know everything by heart.’
— ‘Yes, and I am also many hundreds of years older than you,’ Elina replied.
— ‘You think there ever was a time without magic?’ Niome inquired curiously. ‘When the dragons were not in our world?’
— Elina leaned her chin on her hand. ‘That is a good question, and I don’t have the answer.’ She closed her eyes, momentarily pained.
— Niome hesitated. ‘Does it hurt, the curse?’
— ‘Sometimes,’ the elder woman said. ‘I am lucky that magic has helped me manage,’ she opened her eyes again, ‘and has allowed me to train you.’
— ‘Even if Mirauk cursed you, since he hasn’t slain you, when you die, you’ll be a star, right?’
— Elina smiled wanly. ‘Yes, so don’t worry. If ever you are in need of my counsel when I am gone, just call out to me and I will guide you how I can. I promise.’
— Niome nodded. ‘You’ll light my path.’
— ‘Indeed I will, Niome.’ Elina took Niome’s hands in hers in a motherly fashion. ‘May the stars always shine upon you.’
— ‘Was there ever a time when they didn’t?’ asked Niome. ‘In the world, I mean, not just on me.’
— Elina leaned back. ‘Judging by our history, I wouldn’t be surprised. King Firlan Mittèlor banished his brother for desiring the Portal’s power before going into exile. Then, Bortah Mittèlor founded the land of Morok. The evils that exist today, that existed then, began long before these two brothers were ever born. I have no doubt that before recorded history, a being as evil as Mirauk tried to gain power as well. Perhaps it affected the stars. All we have to go by are ancient cryptic texts and old songs, but as our world still stands, I’m sure there was a polc who conquered over that evil, as there is a polc who will conquer over Mirauk.’
— ‘Like you conquered over Malgar at the grand battle between Teloria and the forces of Mork long before the Big War,’ Niome stated, perking up.
— Elina smiled and looked down, her eyes growing distant. ‘Yes, I suppose you could say I did.’ She chuckled before sobering. ‘Come now, enough studying for today. You’ve earned yourself a break.’

Jimmy bent and studied the pile of books on Meysah’s desk. ‘Do you really need to know all this to become a knight?’
— ‘Kind of.’
— Jimmy scowled, sceptical. ‘What does any of this have to do with sword working?’
— Meysah shrugged, making a face with big eyes and stretched his mouth to a frown. ‘Beats me.’
— ‘No wonder they refused me as an apprentice-knight,’ said Jimmy. ‘There’s no room in my mind for all this.’
— Meysah laughed. ‘Then you’re lucky that your best friend–’ he pointed at himself ‘–knows his history so well.’

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Stardust Destinies Book 1 Variate Facing

Unmasked and Naked At the Winter Palace

Following the ball at the Winter Palace, Emperor Gaspard de Chalons
invites Lady Trevelyan to his chambres where they both remove all masks
and allow the other to see their true selves, vulnerable and naked.

Note: Preview is SFW.

Evelyne leaned against the railing of the balcony. The ball was winding down, though the merriment continued at the Winter Palace. She heard footsteps approaching, to then reveal leaning beside her the new Emperor of Orlais, Gaspard de Chalons.
        ‘It’s been quite the night, hasn’t it, Inquisitor?’ he said with his Orlesian accent.
        ‘Indeed, it has,’ she replied.
        ‘I cannot thank you enough for putting your trust in me. I assure you, our alliance will be most beneficial to you.’
        ‘It was my pleasure.’
        ‘Hmm.’ Gaspard studied her for a moment, his blue eyes searching for something, though she could not tell what his mask concealed much of his face.
        He walked to the far edge of the balcony. He looked back at her. ‘Come with me, Inquisitor, where we may speak more freely before anyone notices we are gone.’ His tone was inviting. He did not wait for a reply, however; he jumped over the railing and onto a dais below.
        Feeling a thrill she could not yet place, Evelyne followed him down several platforms to the garden, and then up again to another balcony and into a lavishly decorated room.
        ‘This your bedroom?’ she asked, feeling amused.
        ‘One of them,’ he replied. He closed the drapes and took a few steps towards her, his hands clasped behind his back. ‘Here we may speak freely and uninterrupted.’
        Evelyne had to admit she was intrigued. All evening, she had been eyeing Gaspard and had noticed his gaze had been intent on her as well. She, herself, had been hoping they could speak more openly without any prying eyes or eavesdroppers.
        ‘And what is it you wish to speak about?’ asked Evelyne.
        ‘You are a woman of many talents, Lady Inquisitor, and the face of the Inquisition. But we all wear masks, do we not?’ He walked closer to her and stopped beside her when his shoulder nearly touched hers; he looked at her. ‘Who is the real Lady Trevelyan, I might wonder? Behind her mask, when she is vulnerable and…exposed?’
        From this close, Evelyne could smell the man’s cologne. It was an earthy musky scent that was subtle and rather pleasant.
        She looked down at her hand, the dormant anchor barely reacting with but a brief glow of green. She looked back at Gaspard. ‘I wonder what it would be like to relax again. I’d like to enjoy my time with others and not have to worry about what strange circumstance I walked into that now tethers me to this title.’
        ‘Yes, I would assume the responsibility the anchor imposes upon you would be quite heavy.’ This close, she could feel his breath when he spoke, and she did not dislike that.
        ‘And what about you, Gaspard de Chalons? Who are you when you are vulnerable…and exposed?’
        ‘I am a man of simple pleasures. I am not complicated. I much rather play chess than lead the armies of Orlais.’
        He removed his mask, boring his eyes into Evelyne’s. His face was scruffy but there was a softness to it, and there was longing in his eyes. His cheeks bore harsh scars from many years of battle, yet the tenderness with which he looked at her spoke of a gentleness that relaxed his face with its fine lines of his years.
        Evelyne swallowed, daring to hope that what she had felt throughout the evening, the pull that tugged at her towards him, he had also felt towards her.
        ‘I would like to enjoy the company of one beautiful woman without the worry of how that might affect our reputations if we were to be seen together.’
        Her breath caught in her throat. Gaspard turned and walked to a small table, placing his mask on it. He deliberately removed the metal plates of his armour, then walked back to her, his gaze intense, and his thick lips quirked into a momentary smile. He stopped short of her face, his breath hot and tantalising. Evelyne felt a tingle run through her body that rested at her pelvis and her heart quickened.
        ‘So I ask if I may discover the real Lady Trevelyan. Who are you when you are vulnerable and…naked?’
        Evelyne whispered, letting her desire seep into her voice. ‘You’ll have to undress me to find out.’

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