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I Dated A Guy Who Looked Like My Brother – And Had the Same Name

Okay, so, Freudian moment here.

Technically, he looked nothing like my brother (according to me). But rudimentarily, if you went by simple description alone…

Tall, blue eyes, blond hair, glasses and a cap. And younger than me.


He’s also a Verb!

As dubbed by my sister after my mother turned his name into a verb.

She literally said to me, “So after supper, you’re going [insert guy’s name]-ing.” Very matter-of-factly, very conclusively. And I just said, “yeah.”

This guy was THRILLED to be made a verb. Seriously, he still brags about it today, that he’s the only guy I dated my mother turned into a verb and that no one else has ever turned him into a verb either.

Who was he?

He was and still is a friend. At the time, when we were both in our early twenties, he was the best friend of the guy I was dating until they fell out (before I dated him). When the guy I was dating dumped me, The Verb was my rebound. I was his rebound too, and we were what we needed from each other for a few months there.

My brother still sometimes teases me that I dated a guy who matches his description and had the same name.

What can I say? They say you’ll date someone who’s like your mother or father or like a grandparent. I suppose you’ll date someone like your siblings, too.🤷‍♀️

How Did It Happen?

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A New Dream – Dragon Age Fan-Fiction Erotic Romance Short Story

Nicolas gives in to the demon’s illusions before Julien finds him and leads him to the place he has claimed for them,
where they create a new memory in their new home in the Fade.

Note: Preview is SFW.

It wasn’t the cabin from the dream, and Nicolas was relieved in a way that it wasn’t, not after what had happened there. Not after what he had done. But it was a cabin, luxurious and homey, and outside its windows, Nicolas could see the Fade.
        ‘It’s not exactly what we’d hoped it would be,’ began Julien, ‘but it’s close enough. Outside is a reminder that we’re not alive, but in this place our spirits feel like real bodies, and we can dwell here for as long as we wish. Longer than we could have been together when alive before the Calling took us, anyhow.’
        Nicolas turned to regard Julien with sorrow. ‘It’s perfect.’ Tears stung his eyes.
        ‘Nicolas,’ Julien said softly, taking his hand. ‘Do not fret about what happened. I am not angry.’
        ‘But I cheated on you with a demon!’
        Julien stared at him aghast before smiling and he chuckled. ‘Do you realise how funny that sounds?’
        Nicolas shook his head in disbelief, grateful yet regretful. ‘But
        ‘Ah-ah-ah!’ Julien placed a finger on Nicolas’s lips, shutting him up. He smiled tenderly, fiddling with Nicolas’s long blond moustache, twirling it on either side with his fingers. ‘So you thought a demon was me. You doubted but you were desperate for it to be me. You made love to it, to me, though not truly me. And then what happened?’
        ‘I died. Everything disappeared. I was lost. A spirit showed me the echoes of what happened. King Maric killed the demon.’
        ‘Ah, well then, all is well, then.’
        Nicolas shook his head again. ‘How did I deserve such a wonderful man as you?’
        ‘I don’t know.’ Julien wrapped his arms around Nicolas. ‘I reckon I’m quite lucky and you deserve all the love from me for all the love you give me.’
        ‘You’re not mad?’
        ‘Non, mon amour, I am not mad.’ Julien looked at Nicolas, his dark deep eyes boring into his. He brushed Nicolas’s hair from his shoulder and rested his hand there. ‘But if you feel so strongly about it, I can help you replace the memory with a real one, with this one.’ He kissed his cheek.
        Nicolas let out a soft sob, his heart soaring for the man before him.
        ‘So tell me, how was I? Where was I standing?’ Julien took a step back, his arms moving about unsure where to put himself. ‘Was I here, were you here?’
        Nicolas understood what Julien was trying to do. ‘You mean to recreate what I did with the demon with you?’
        Nicolas just stared at him. ‘It was a bit fast.’ He admitted.
        ‘Then we’ll make it last longer.’
        Nicolas felt a smile spread across his face. ‘Well, first off, you were shirtless.’
        ‘Okay.’ Julien stripped down to be topless and Nicolas watched him, feeling breathless and aroused as Julien’s taut muscles gleaned in the dim light of the Fade cabin. Julien’s chest hair only accentuated his pectorals as he breathed deeply.
        Nicolas suppressed a smile. ‘You were standing here, and I…’ He bowed his head. ‘I was weeping the whole time.’
        ‘Oh, mon amour. You can weep if you want, though if you prefer not to recreate that part, I am fine with that.’
        Julien looked at him with tender eyes, forgiving eyes, and Nicolas felt a flutter in his stomach. He pressed a hand to Julien’s back, pulling him to him, and kissed him, devouring his lips hungrily.

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Forever With You – Dragon Age Fan-Fiction Erotic Romance Short Story

Aided by a spirit of compassion, Nicolas searches the Fade for Julien
before bringing his lover to the cabin where he gives him a tantalising tour.

Note: Preview is SFW.

Nicolas watched the wardens and King Maric leave before turning back to face the mantle. He heard Julien hurry in.
        ‘They are leaving,’ stated Julien.
        Nicolas said nothing. He merely stared at the hearth.
        ‘Nicolas? Are you going to tell me what is going on?’
        Nicolas turned to face Julien. He slowly walked to him, his heart heavy. ‘They are right, Julien.’ He cupped his face and traced a finger along the man’s moustache and short beard. ‘You’re not real. This is but a dream.’
        ‘But you didn’t go with them?’
        ‘I can’t. I want to die. I’m…already dead.’
        ‘So you’ll stay?’
        Nicolas’s brows furrowed as he searched Julien’s eyes. ‘What are you? A spirit? A piece of the demon? You cannot be Julien. How can you be Julien?’
        ‘I feel all that he does,’ Julien replied. ‘I love you as he did. The echoes of his love linger in your soul.’ He touched Nicolas’s face. Nicolas leaned into his hand. ‘If you want me to be him, I will stay with you and be with you.’
        Julien kissed him tenderly, his tongue gliding along his. Nicolas moaned softly as his stomach fluttered, and his lips lingered on Julien’s.
        After a moment, he pulled away slowly. ‘But what are you?’
        ‘I am a spirit of compassion.’
        Nicolas’s eyes brimmed with tears. He bowed his head. ‘I cannot go back with the others, I do not wish to, and even if I did, it is too late now.’ He sighed heavily, trembling with chagrin. ‘But I want Julien, my Julien. Mon amour, Julien.’
        Julien’s eyes grew sad. ‘Then let me help you.’ His gaze grew distant. ‘I know how to find him, how to find where he wanders.’
        ‘And then we can bring him here?’ asked Nicolas.
        ‘Thank you.’
        The spirit in Julien’s form had tears in his eyes and he took Nicolas in his arms, holding him tightly before letting go and transforming into a spirit form. He now wore Grey Warden armour, Nicolas assumed for recognition, and he shimmered with a golden-white light.
        The spirit of compassion nodded to him. ‘This way.’ Its voice retained an Orlesian accent and was male but it was different, as that of a stranger’s.
        Nicolas followed it away from the cabin.
        ‘Do not worry,’ it reassured, ‘everything here will remain as it is when we return. You have claimed this corner of the Fade.’ It smiled. ‘I have already sent a thought to other spirits for them to guard this place for you. It is your new home.’
        ‘I appreciate that, spirit,’ Nicolas said.
        ‘You may call me Compassion.’
        Together they travelled through the Fade, from one area to the next, stopping to speak to other spirits from time to time. Some of them were dreamers, others had similar forms as this one, shimmering with the light of various colours.
        ‘How long have you existed?’ asked Nicolas, wanting to take his mind off his worry.
        ‘And…are you not worried my woe will corrupt you?’
        Compassion chuckled and turned its head to regard Nicolas. ‘It takes something much more intense than that to corrupt a spirit.’
        ‘I was sent into the Fade by a demon though.’ Nicolas was grateful for the spirit’s aid and was genuinely concerned.
        Compassion shook its head. ‘That is not how it works here.’ It stopped and turned to face Nicolas. ‘Do not worry yourself about me.’
        They continued for another while. There was a woman who was singing vibrantly nearby. She stopped, embarrassed when she saw them. She was human, a mage, Nicolas could see. She regarded Nicolas and smiled.
        ‘You know it’s funny. I saw such a handsome man such as you not too long ago. Orlesian too by the looks of his moustache.’
        Nicolas’s heart leapt with trepidation. ‘Dark hair, short beard, warrior?’
        The woman nodded. ‘You know him?’
        ‘He’s my lover!’ Nicolas blurted out.
        She pointed some ways ahead. And resumed her singing, more softly this time.
        Nicolas quickened his pace and they came to a rise in the Fade that gave access to many other sections and platforms. His heart racing, Nicolas ran ahead. He might have been dead but his lungs burned from breathing heavily all the same. Compassion just glided along beside him, matching his speed.
        Finally, they came to a cliff in the Fade. Nicolas became frantic. ‘Where do we go from here?’
        Compassion placed a hand on Nicolas’s shoulder and squeezed gently. ‘Look.’
        Nicolas followed its gaze and saw across a chasm another island where wandered Julien, looking this way and that as though searching yet looking forlorn.
        ‘Julien!’ he called out. Julien paused, looking up. ‘Over here!’

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Vanilla-Scented Love – Fiction Short Story — Romance

Nicholas traipsed into work, pausing at the doorway, fear gripping his heart. It was the same story every day: He promised himself this was the day he would tell Brigitte how he felt about her, then he’d arrive at work, see her with customers, dread the moment he should tell her, and then go about his day as though nothing was and go home disappointed in himself.

They had most of their shifts together, so he seldom had a day where he could just avoid her or reassess his approach.

Nicholas bowed his head. He felt like such a fool.

How could such a beautiful young woman ever feel for him the way he felt about her?

He looked up, steeling himself for the day ahead where he would have to resist all urges and ignore all sensations once again, and he stepped through the doorway into the shop proper.

Brigitte looked up and away from the customer she was helping and she beamed at him. Nicholas smiled wanly back and trudged towards the backstore to set his bag down. Working retail wasn’t the most exciting of jobs, selling decorations and scented candles at least made his clothes smell nice.

He walked out of the backstore and approached a customer who was looking at an antique-looking oil lamp.

‘This isn’t a real antique, is it?’ she asked, looking dismayed.

‘No, ma’am. It’s an imitation antique, which means,’ Nicholas put on his best smile, leaning towards her and lowering his voice conspiratorially, ‘it makes for the perfect house decoration. Looks like the real thing but is much more affordable.’ He leaned back on his heels. ‘But your friends don’t need to know that.’

The lady suppressed a smile before her lips curled into a smirk. ‘Go on, then. I’ll take it.’

‘I knew you had good taste the moment I saw you.’ Nicholas grinned and walked to the cash register. He took care of his customer and bid her to have a good day.

‘You’re so charming!’

Nicholas looked up from the register to see Brigitte smiling at him.

‘You have such a way with customers. I haven’t made one sale yet today,’ she went on

Nicholas felt his face flush. He smiled. ‘You think I’m charming?’ He moved from behind the counter towards her, feeling emboldened by her compliment.

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