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I Dated A Guy Who Looked Like My Brother – And Had the Same Name

Okay, so, Freudian moment here.

Technically, he looked nothing like my brother (according to me). But rudimentarily, if you went by simple description alone…

Tall, blue eyes, blond hair, glasses and a cap. And younger than me.


He’s also a Verb!

As dubbed by my sister after my mother turned his name into a verb.

She literally said to me, “So after supper, you’re going [insert guy’s name]-ing.” Very matter-of-factly, very conclusively. And I just said, “yeah.”

This guy was THRILLED to be made a verb. Seriously, he still brags about it today, that he’s the only guy I dated my mother turned into a verb and that no one else has ever turned him into a verb either.

Who was he?

He was and still is a friend. At the time, when we were both in our early twenties, he was the best friend of the guy I was dating until they fell out (before I dated him). When the guy I was dating dumped me, The Verb was my rebound. I was his rebound too, and we were what we needed from each other for a few months there.

My brother still sometimes teases me that I dated a guy who matches his description and had the same name.

What can I say? They say you’ll date someone who’s like your mother or father or like a grandparent. I suppose you’ll date someone like your siblings, too.🤷‍♀️

How Did It Happen?

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Reasonable Minds Came Together And Showed Love

Disclaimer: This story is not a member-only story, for I write it not to make money from it. I write to show how thousands of people came together to help one man because he cultivated a community that loves him.

Richard Hoeg is an acquisitions lawyer and YouTuber from Northville Michigan who makes videos about acquisitions in the gaming industry and makes social media platforms’ Terms of Service understandable for the common person.

His motto: “Reasonable Minds Can Differ.”

Over the years, he has cultivated an audience of wholesome folks to whom he always shows his gratitude. He interacts with comments, with chats when he does his live shows, dubbed “Hangouts and Headlines”, and he even hosted a DnD campaign with other lawyers on his channel.

I quite enjoy listening to his videos while doing things around the house or when I’m working in Photoshop and such.

Life Threatening Emergency

Right before the start of the new year, Rick Hoeg had a stroke and required brain surgery. His wife has been updating the community and I am heartened to know that so far he is recovering steadily and still has his fast wit and sense of humor.

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“I Love You,” Was The Best Holiday Gift I Ever Got!

Lucy Sochainvited me to write about the worst and best holiday gifts I ever received.

My birthday is close to the Solstice so I sometimes get gifts combined. Though, I don’t really do gifts with my family much anymore. We sometimes do gifts, but since I can’t afford them, I don’t expect them.

My mom and siblings always know what to give when they gift me things, they always know what I need, be it a video game I wanted, socks, vitamins, soap, money, or a nice sweater. My sister knows where I shop and we sometimes even have the same top from the same store, so it’s always fun when she picks an extra one for me.

The worst gift I ever got was…

From a friend who gave me perfumed bath products. I’m allergic to perfumes and fragrances. Both to breathe and on my skin. So yeah, I gave it to another friend several months later who was really happy to receive the kit. She knew it was a hand-me-down gift and was happy I had thought of her for it.

Best gift…

Like I said, my mom, sister, and brother tend to know what to get me. My husband and I give the gift of time spent together, or a massage, or something fun like that that we do for the other.

I think the best gift I ever got was from my dad. 

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And Nothing Else Mattered! A Most Cherished Memory Anecdote

I was staying over at a friend’s house where she lived with her boyfriend, John, who had become a good friend of mine through her. At the time, I was dating a mutual friend of theirs. The three of them convinced me, as in twisted my arm, to watch The Ring.

I’m not into horror movies.

In fact, I have some bad experiences with horror and gory stuff.

But they said I’d be safe; we’d smoke some joints, all would be well.

“All right, but if I scream, that’s on you.’

So we installed ourselves to watch, and I was huddled to my date — who was laughing about my anticipated fear, by the way — all tense the whole way through.

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