His You-Know-What Was Painfully Large! There IS such a thing as too big.

They say size matters, and I totally agree! It’s not in the way one might think.

It matters that it fits.

While I like my man to be snug, I also want it to, like, NOT HURT!

We hooked up for the first time on a college campus, outside on a park bench. He was five years younger than me, freshly turned 19. I was hooking up with a younger guy and he was hooking up with an older gal. It benefitted us both.

It was meant to be a one-night stand!

I think maybe the position and the fact that we were both inebriated allowed us to find a position that worked. But I felt immediately how big he was, and in a way that it had trouble fitting with my size.

But we had our fun, and it was fun.

We both thought this would just be a one-time hookup. We had been flirting at previous parties and this time we overtly flirted with each other and both made our intentions known.

We walked off, holding hands, snickering, and left the party, abandoning our friends for a middle-of-the-night hookup we both enjoyed.

Then we found ourselves recounting that night to each other and flirting and making out the next day. So it looked like maybe there would be more hookups in store for us.

One of his friends coached him on how to “court” and encouraged us to become an item.

Honestly, I think this guy was living vicariously through C (we’ll call hookup guy C) because he told him when to apologize after a fight, when to buy me flowers, when to declare that he loved me, etc.

So encouraged by both our friends, C and I wound up dating.

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