Desmond and Tiamat

Warning: Contains minor spoilers on class stories and on Shadow of Revan and Fallen Empire stories.

Update: Desmond is now used to depict the character Josur in my SWTOR fan-fiction series. Josur is a healer Jedi dedicated to protecting the Force. He is the guardian bodyguard of the Supreme Chancellor for a time, before he joins his friends in a more prominent role in the series. While Desmond’s alignment is darkside, Josur’s is purple lightside.

Desmond is another Jedi Knight. He holds certain ideals that do not coincide with the teachings of the Jedi Order. He does not agree with everything he was taught and he believes that both Dark and Light can be used for good. That is why he agreed to learn from Medeusa the ways of the Dark Side, so that he could be even more powerful and proficient in the Force. Since he rejected many of the Jedi teachings, he felt uncomfortable staying anywhere else than at ‘’Medeusa’s Chamber of Deception’’. He has his own room downstairs, where he has a balcony looking onto a beautiful cascade. Datacrons of light side powers decorate the stairwell to his room and the Temple is truly a magnificent mix of both Light and Dark. He has his little corner of Jedi/Republic/Light Sideness amidst all the Dark Sideness in the place, which balances out the place and which the Sith Lord and Bounty Hunter don’t mind. Everyone is able to appreciate each other because of their understanding of the Dark Side, even if that understanding is different for each one.

Desmond: Jedi Knight: Guardian, DPS – Mirialan – Neutral Dark

Desmond is a Mirialan, green skinned with a lime green lightsaber crystal that matches his skine tone. Despite him being alien and male, since he is strong in the Force, Medeusa did not have a first reflex to kill him. Instead she wished to teach him. She saw great potential. Whether he takes full advantage of the Dark Side that is at his disposal is at his discretion.

Update: Tiamat is used to depict the character Trylia in my SWOR fan-fiction series, except with some changes to her colour. Trylia is a lilac coloured Togruta, so I simply change Tiamat’s colour in Photoshop. Trylia is one of the main characters in the series, introduced since Story 1. Tiamat wields a purple staffsaber, while Tiamat only a singular ocean green lightsaber.

Tiamat is also a Dark Sided Jedi, perhaps moreso than Desmond, possessing a lot of raw power and anger. However, she is a Healing Sage. That Dark Side power is transformed and she is unable to use the Dark Side to destroy. It is a gift and a curse, that makes her even more angry and even more powerful as a healer.

Manaan with its beauteous fountains.

Tiamat was named after the mythical planet. It is said that a water planet named Tiamat once orbited near Earth and that one day it was destroyed and its waters rained down onto Earth. it is said to have been a water planet. The myths and theories surrounding this planet intrigue me and so I found it would be fun to name a character after that planet.

Tiamat is a Togruta and her vehicle is a submersible from Manaan, the water planet where Kolto comes from (Kolto which is used to heal in the Old Republic.) I wanted to make her colour scheme that of oceans. So she is pale blue with a bit of green. Her crystal is Sea Green. Everything matching the theme of a creature that could represent the mythical water planet as well as a SWTOR character can.

Tiamat did not grow up on the Togruta home planet of Shili. Instead her family, wanting to heal Tiamat of her raw powers, which were uncontrolled at the time, and wanting to live somewhere that was faction neutral, moved to Manaan. Tiamat met her very first Master there, who taught her what she needed to know of the Force in order to gain control over her powers and be able to execute them at her own will. She learned to channel her Dark Side powers in this way for healing. This was long before she joined the Jedi Order however. When she did, she seemed to come from nowhere, out of the blue (no pun intended) and she would not reveal much of who her first Master was and where he had come from.

Tiamat: Jedi Consular: Sage, Healer – Togruta – Dark Side

The understanding of the Dark Side that both Tiamat and Desmond possess drew them close together. Desmond and Tiamat are an item, though they do not label their relationship. It is what it is and some days it is full of fury and anger, where it is best Tiamat stays with Kalros or Medeusa instead of sharing the same room as Desmond, lest they destroy each other; and other days full of passion and joy, where they are unable to spend a moment apart. Some days Tiamat prefers to retreat into the cave near their stronghold.  She and Desmond seem to help each other grow in the Force together, using both the teaching of the Jedi and the Sith. Some days they wish to reshape the galaxy so that there is balance between Light and Dark and no factions to dominate over anyone. Desmond knows that when that day arrives, they will have to sever ties with some they know and they may have to destroy them if they try to shape the galaxy differently, or in a way that would not hold true to the balance in the Force, or die trying.

However, recently, Tiamat has been retreating a lot more than usual and spends a lot of time in the cave, where another living in the stronghold resides, thus making Desmond jealous and clouding his judgement. However, he is not the only one to have noticed this and Medeusa also has felt some strange motions in the Force.

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