Fan-Fiction Commissions

I am now open for Fan-fiction commissions. I have written several short story fics already, some of which were gifts for others. Below you’ll find some excerpts from some of these

Here are the specifications if you’re interested.

  • Fandoms: Dragon Age, Mass Effect, SWTOR.
  • Pairings: F/M, M/M. Canon Sexualities.
  • Sub-genres: Romance, Friendship, Angst, Fluff, Smut, any combination.

I charge $20 US for 2500 words. I don’t charge extra if inspiration makes me go over.

I accept payments via Ko-fi, in full prior to writing.

During my writing process, I proof-read (more than once) and self-edit. Delivery is typically within 2 weeks.

If I like what I wrote, I may post it to my AO3 account and my website a month or so after sending you the completed version.

If you have an AO3 account and would like me to tag you, please include your AO3 name when sending your specifications for your fic.

If interested, DM me on Twitter (@binkyprod).

You can find my full repertoire of Fan-fiction short stories here on the website or on Archive Of Our Own.

Below are some excerpts from various fan-fiction short stories and novellas I’ve written.

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