Floats and Specials

Here you will find all drinks that are Floats or of the more special variety (this does not mean they are more complexe than some other drinks from other categories however). All of which have been created by Celinka Serre. Recipes are in order of most recent.


Sparkling Binky (My personal signature cocktail.)

Sex With Lily (an elaborate, multi-layered, tasty float)

Bleeding Mascara (Mascara and Popcorn festival drink created by BinkyProd)

Sex In The Forest (A joint effort)

Sea Bed and Dead Sea Bed (two sister drinks)

Blood (a blood-free Halloween drink)



-3/4 oz Dry Gin

-1/4 oz Limoncello


-1/2 oz Blue Curaçao

This one is my personal signature cocktail. It is simple, in terms of ingredients, yet is not bland in method, it has good taste, it’s cute, and most importantly, it’s green!

In a gimlet glass, or roundish, cognac type glass, you can drop in a few ice cubes, even if technically, those glasses do not take ice cubes, we’ll make an exception, because I like the look of the cocktail in that type of glass. Pour in the Gin and the Limoncello. Then Fill with the Gingerale, leaving a margin at the top. Then pour in the Blue Curaçao. And watch the colours blend. You may serve it with a straw. When you stir the drink a bit, it becomes even greener.



– 3/4 oz Captain Morgan Silver Vanilla Rum

– 1/2 oz or less Triple Sec

– Tropical Passion Juice (Fill to half)

– 1/2 oz or less Soho

– 3/4 oz Bombay Blue Dry Gin

– Orange juice (Fill to almost top)

– 1/4 oz (or dash) Apricot Brandy

– Grandine

This drink was completely improvised after filming a parody video, funny enough. It is a strict float, so ingredients go in in order as mentioned and when you drink, as with any multi-layered float, start at the top and go down to capture all flavours in one big straw-full of the drink. Tropical Passion Juice is filled to the half-way point. When pouring your Orange Juice, be sure to leave enough room for the Apricot Brandy and Grenadine. The rest is self-explanatory. As for the name, don’t ask. Try it. Does it really taste like Sex With Lily? You be the judge!



– 1 oz Gin

– Fill with Lemonade

– Pour in Grenadine

– 1/4 oz – 1/2 oz Ramazzotti Black (Black Sambuca)

This alcoholic beverage is inspired by the Mascara and Popcorn Short Film Festival in Montreal, seeing as Binky does vlogs and interviews for the festival. Binky thought there should also be a drink and this one depicts the festival quite well.

In a tall glass, drop in some ice. First put in the Gin and fill with Lemonade. Next drop in the Grenadine. Then, slowly pouring over the ice, drop in the Black Sambuca. If you like Sambuca, then pour in more. If you don’t like the licorice taste, then a small 1/4 oz will do the trick. The Grenadine and Black Sambuca blend well together, giving the cocktail a candy-like taste.



– 1/2 oz Vodka

– 1 oz Midori (Melon Liquor)

– White Grapefruit Juice

– Green Maraschino Cherries and juice

In a medium tall glass, put in some ice. Add Vodka and Midori. Fill with the White Grapefruit Juice. Then add in two (2) green maraschino cherries and a table spoon or two of the green maraschino cherry juice. This drink is a float.


IMG_1314 copyThese sister drinks were invented on the same day, the Sea Bed being born mere minutes before the Dead Sea Bed, when experimenting with the Tropical Mango juice from Oasis. This is the result of me being bored that day and I must say, both results are as tasty as they are artistic.


– 1 1/4 oz Midori

– Exotic Mango Juice from Oasis

– 3/4 oz Blue Curaçao

In a tall glass with ice, pour in Midori and Mango juice. Stir well. Then drop in the Blue Curaçao. Will give marble effect.


– 3/4 oz Peach Schnapps

– Exotic Mango Juice from Oasis

– 1 1/4 oz Chambord (raspberry liquor)

In a tall glass with ice, pour in Peach Schnapps and Mango juice. Stir well. Then drop in the Chambord. Will give marble effect.


IMG_1324 copy

– 1/2 oz Vodka

– 1 1/4 oz Chambord

– 1 small drop of Crème de Cassis (optional)

– Cranberry Juice or Wildberry Juice (depending on preference)

Celebrate the Halloween spirit by drinking Blood (no real blood required). Simply place ice in a tall glass. Pour in the alcohols. Fill with juice and enjoy. Note that both juices give pretty much the same color, just a nuance of difference in flavor; some pallets may prefer one or the other.

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