17 – The Star

Sera (Companion Quest)

Significance: There is a joyful transformation and alignment in this card that can be representative of Sera’s transformation when you befriend her.

17 - The Star

The card itself represents: Inspiration, creativity, liberation, freedom, talents that are recognised, openness, opportunities to manifest hopes and dreams, recognised talents, friendship, discovery, positive energy, positive future, a chance to start over, etc.

Sera does get a new start and opportunities when befriended by the Inquisitor.

Reversed: Mistrust, doubts, lack of structure, disappointments, lack of passion, insecurity, lack of self-worth, missed opportunities, ruin of friendships, restriction, stasis, etc.

17-The Star

Her tongue curled up on her lip amusingly, she stands in an engaging stance, he bow ready to shoot the arrow to the ground, ready to set it free.  The upside down hand gesture of the creator points to mother nature, as the arrow in its position represents the feminine nature of creation.  Rays shine outwards, a sign of opening up and reaching out.  It is the designs of creativity, and of setting it free.

What I think this means for Sera: She is a free spirit, she always will be in a certain way, and if nurtured, her friendship to us will bear fruit to some wondrous discoveries.

What I think this means for DA: Something will be created, something will be set free; something something something not dark side.  Something something something that could have something to do with elves.  Could the Elven people be set free?

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