Ace of Cups

The Tevinter Imperium

Significance: So far, all Aces have been great and large, and major, organisations or civilisations that have impacted Thedas throughout history, so it’s no wonder that we would see Tevinter share this slot for one of the suits.  As for it being associated with the Suit of Cups, well, the Vints tend to always try to gain more power, fill their cup fuller, until it overflows.  It’s also representative of the blood that has been spilled at the hands of Tevinter throughout history, relating very much to blood magic.

Cups 01 Ace

The card itself represents: Joy, receptivity, passion, openness, love, happiness and fidelity, psychic abilities, positive changes, contentment, fertility, renewal, healing, satisfaction, perfection, tranquility, etc.

The Vints always did seem to seek to be perfect, didn’t they?

Reversed: Despair and depression, upsets, loss of love, unrequited love, inhibition, emotionalism, deceit and manipulation, false love, vulnerability, denial, emotional emptiness, emotional violence, lack of gratitude, coldness, resistance, etc.

Cups Ace

A pattern of green with some yellow upon black indicates a cunning society, marked by war and the over-empowerment of its ancestors, scarred by the greed and mistakes of Magisters of old, yet provides grounds to new alternatives, and gives birth to much needed healing.  The powerful symbols of dragon entwined with the serpent embodies the deception reflected in so many from the Teviner Imperium, yet gives flight to boldness and endless possibilities.

What I think this means for the Tevinter Imperium:  Its past marks history and will craft the future.  It will heal as a whole and hopefully change.  Or it will be decimated and completely destroyed.

What I think this means for DA: This is where the game is taking us next, in the next installment, we know this.  I believe this is also where we will uncover many truths and learn more about the Maker and the events described in the Canticle of Silence. And maybe shed some light (no pun intended) on some of the differences between the Black Chantry and the Andrastean Chantry, regarding Andraste and the Maker.

Links to the Tarot Decks Used in the Comparison, the DAI Tarot Deck, and the Books used to determine what the cards actually represent:

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