Nine of Swords

Warrior (Sword & Shield)

Significance: So this could just be my imagination going to far places, but when you hold a shield, especially if it’s rounded, and then you hold a sword, if you angle it so the sword points downwards, you’re kind of forming a nine.  It’s true.

Swords 09

The card itself represents: Needless worries, being overly empathetic to the problems of others, revelations and increased awareness, understanding that eases worries, spiritual awakening, a need to relax, moral concern, self-analysis, rebellion, etc.

Reversed: Feelings of sadness, feeling depressed, self-doubt yet clearer thinking, indifference, sanity returns, callousness, no change despite upset or trauma, etc.

Swords 09 O

With more plaid patters of grounding earth colours making helmet and gauntlet, the warrior holds a long silver sword with elegance and grace.  A great beam of pure white lights the starlit night sky, showing contrast of light and dark, as the warrior represents attack and defense.  On a half-wing shaped shield with colours of hope, is drawn peacock feathers of sophistication, and an elegant silver Halla, which represents the guidance into the afterlife, and therefore guidance through death and towards the light of the Maker.

What I think this means for DA: The Halla are an elven symbol and I suspect they are somehow connected to the Fade.  Warriors kill but also protect.  That a Halla is so predominantly present on a card that includes a warrior, means, to me, we will learn more about the elven connection with the spirit world, with dying, and with the Fade.  Ghilan’nain was the mother of the Halla, a Huntress, potentially a warrior, so she killed.  She also guides others during travel.  Shall we meet her in a future game, on our travels?  Will Solas be walking and hear his name, turn around to see a Halla, but know her and realise and say “No!” (in shock) and see that Halla transform into Ghilan’nain’s true form, because she was transformed into the first Halla.  Perhaps she did not betray Mythal and was not locked up.  Regardless, our swords and shield warrior (on this card) could be Ghilan’nain, or linked to her.  And a thought comes to mind, because Mythal was able to transform into a Dragon, Solas is the Dread Wolf, so Solas could potentially transform into a wolf, and Ghilan’nain is known to have been transformed into the first Halla, so that Golden Halla…

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