Ravas’Din and Lord Void

Warning: Contains Spoilers for my SWTOR fan-fiction series. Void was created specifically to depict a character from the series.

Ravas’Din: Sith Warrior: Marauder, DPS – Twi’lek – Light Side

Ravas’Din was originally created as an additional alt and recently is depicting the character Ravas in my SWTOR Fan-fiction series, introduced in later stories.

Ravas’Din’s name is in Elvhen, from the Dragon Age world. Din means “the dead”, while the meaning of Ravas is domewhat unknown, derived from aravas. The latter appears in the phrase Mala taren aravas, which means “Your mind journeys”. Aravas would then be “journeys”, as Mala is “Your”, and taren is “mind”. I interpret aravas as the plural form of ravas. While other words also mean “journey”, this type of journey may be in dreams or spiritual as opposed to physical and tangible. Ravas’Din’s name thus to me means “The Journey of the Dead” and has to do with the subconscious mind more than physical death, but it could also be a spiritual journey regarding death in any form.

His name aside, he is a light side Sith Marauder who wishes to change the Empire from within. I use this as inspiration for the Story character Ravas. He is a pink Twi’lek with purple undertones (depending on the lighting, he looks more purple than pink). He is an ally of Alagos’s, who is secretly a Jedi, and Ravas’Din is helping the Jedi so that the Empire can become a faction of the light side. However, Ravas’Din still believes in the utility of the Empire and does not wish to see it fall to Republic hands.

Story Ravas is an independent Sith who left the academy and now helps a friend hunt down and destroy holocams controlled by their enemies.

In-game Ravas’Din is partial to his ship, although he will hang out with his Jedi friend Desmond in Medeusa’s Chamber of Deception. Being a light side Sith, he enjoys the company of the dark side Jedi. The two can better understand the Force. Besides, Story Ravas and Josur have an interesting past which comes to light much later to be explored in the series.

Void: Sith Warrior: Juggernaut, DPS – Human – Dark Side (ish)

Void is a powerful Sith from the Empire. In-game Young Void (looks younger than what I want to depict in Photoshop for Story Void), is a Sith Warrior, DPS. Story Lord Void is the same, and a prominent member of the Dark Council at the time of his introduction in Story 7. He shortly later becomes the Head of the Dark Council, and also becomes an ally of sorts to the group of Jedi and Mandalorians protecting the Force.

Lord Void has much backstory that if said here would give too many spoilers away, but needless to say, he rose to power quickly, uses Sith powers to maintain his looks (even if depictions of him will include the addition of mild wrinkles in some areas of his face), and Story Void has the power of a Holocron; its nature is revealed in the story.

Lord Void and Lian Kloh become close confidants and develop a genuine friendship. The two are masters of the Force and very powerful in each their alignments. They are able to help each other understand the other side of the Force better, something that is necessary to maintain balance in the galaxy.

In-game Void hangs out in the meditation fountain chamber at Medeusa’s Chamber of Deception. It is relaxing enough to help him focus on the power that fuels him.

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