Ten of Coins

Iron Bull (Romanced)

Significance: They say that love and happiness are a form of wealth.  When romanced, Iron Bull confirms his commitment and that it’s his promise, that he personally doesn’t need anything official, for he has the dragon tooth necklace; he has all he needs.  So I can see how they chose this circumstance for this tarot card.

Coins 10

The card itself represents: Progress, success, wealth, ownership, prosperity for the home, repairs for the home, buying and selling, stability, legacy, heirlooms and heritage, dynasty, accomplishments, charm, powerful people, magnitude, etc.

Iron Bull certainly has magnitude!  That’s for sure.

Reversed: Loss and ruin, family quarrels, terrible misfortunes, disruptions, legacy problems, gambling, wasting, corruption, desecration, warnings against launching material enterprises, loss of inheritance, etc.

Coins 10 O

Life, love, passion, reflected in the red background behind him as he holds the dragon tooth pendant from his Kadan, wrapped in earthly colours, this relationship has ground to stand on.  One hand is armoured, symbolic of his emotions being somewhat guarded, yet the other is bare, reflective of the vulnerabilities he’s willing to show.  He blows into the dragon tooth, propelling his will into his love; his unpatched eye shows his willingness to look to the future.  A small golden pendant bears the mark of the Qunari people; he will follow his heart as he follows the Qun.

What I think this means for Iron Bull: Regardless if whether or not he betrayed the Inquisitor, I believe having had a romance with him may lead to some discoveries, perhaps joining forces together in the next DA game.

What I think this means for DA: I think it will play a part to the outcome of a mission, one that will otherwise not be available without a romance, regardless whether he lives or not.  This might be laced together somehow and might lead to something bigger.

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