Natural and Alternative Healing and Therapies

Below are the Green Healing audio podcast episodes for Natural and Alternative Healing and Therapies, things to do with chakras, knowledge about various things that fit into understanding alternative healing techniques and concepts that aren’t already in another playlist (for most of them), and other things that help heal and make room for healing energy. They are in order of most recent at the top.

Emotional Literacy and Bach Flower Remedies
Orgonite Healing Benefits and Properties
Emotional Literacy and EFT Tapping Therapy Combined
Salt Lamps Benefits and Healing Properties
Emotional Literacy Exercises and Assessment
People-Please Syndrome – Traits and How To Overcome it
The 10 Hara Chakras
The 7 Kundalini Chakras
Why I’m Deleting Music from the Abuse Relationship – Clearing Energy
The Gray Rock Method – Grey Rock Technique
My Understand Myself Result – Big Five Personality Traits – Jordan B. Peterson Test
Essential Oils for Healing
The Emotional Scale
Triggers and Emotional Flashbacks
Content and Context Meditation Therapy – Mind Calm/Mind Detox Part 2
Mind Calm/Mind Detox Meditation Therpay Part 1
Past-Present-Future Stuck Paradigm – The What-If Game
Natural Law, Morality and How Abusers Corrupts – Love vs Fear

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