8 – Strength

Cassandra (Default)

Significance: Cassandra is strong, as Seeker, and as Right Hand of the Divine; she is able to oppose her own faction for the right cause, and she initiates the rite to reform the Inquisition.  She embodies strength.  Plus, she’s a Tank, a Warrior.

8 - Strength

Note: The Dragon Age Inquisition Tarot Deck follows the Rider-Waite order, which is the most commonly used form.  This comparison let’s us see the nuances that this card might provide.

The card itself represents: Fortitude, energy, inner strength, vitality, self-confidence, drive, courage, willpower and control, glory and optimism, command, perseverance, overcoming obstacles, self-love, prowess, leadership, valor, pride and heroism, charm, lack of inhibitions, sexual desires, innocence, love, etc.

Cassandra is a stoic hero who plays a major role in the Inquisition.

Reversed: Pride, promiscuity, weakness, boasting, being overbearing, emotionalism, dishonesty, the negative aspect of compromise, unearned glories, perversion, jealousy, cowardice, apathy, fatigue, heaviness, shame, dishonour, etc.


Riding a strong steed, she carries the flag that bears the symbol of the Seeker, as she bodily searches for truth.  Her armour bears the same open eye, representing being aware and waking up to the hidden truths with the strength to face whatever fear these truths might bring.  Hearts, spades, and clubs decorate her black armour suit, a depiction for courage and strength, love and imagination, and the mind and words.  A diamond pattern dawns her horse’s saddle, for wealth and matter, thus completing the representation of the four elements of fire, water, air, and earth.  She rides ever forwards, always pursuing, never looking back.

What I think this means for Cassandra: She will continue to search for Truth, and she will reveal what she finds.

What I think this means for DA: Many truths have already been uncovered, and a lot of the secrets and lies of the Seekers, of the Chantry, have already been exposed, so whatever more is discovered, secrets and lies, will also be exposed.

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