Six of Coins

Herah Adaar (Female Qunari Inquisitor)

Significance: As discussed previously, our Inquisitors made the Inquisition wealthy.  Now, the six represents responsibility and balance, and apparently has a lot of energy.  Quinari do tend to have a lot of energy.  Also, I had observed that the Inquisitors were getting taller, but since Qunari are taller than humans, then perhaps it has to do with status.  Or perhaps I’m over-thinking it.  And dwarves have a higher status than elves.  In any case, it’s fun to observe.

Coins 06

The card itself represents: Donations, bonus and rewards, payoff, generosity, a period of financial flourishment, gratification, gains from extra effort, recruiting help, debts being paid off, etc.

Reversed: Greed and debts, overspending, problems finding employment, materialism, poor choices, envy, liabilities, loss due to negligence, theft, deception,bankruptcy, blackmail, etc.

Coins 06 O

She stands tall, with one arm reaching out towards what represents the past.  Clad in black for the strength of her people, deep red for the victories of war, and gold for the honour she stands for: freedom.  She is Qunari, yet Tal-Vashoth, once bound by the Qun, now free to live the life of her choosing.  As her horns stick up, she looks up towards a rainy sky, what appears to be bubbles of ivory, shine behind her and connect to her, draping itself around her, as though it were her hair, long and flowing, eternally free.

What I think this means for DA: We might learn more about the Qunari people; we might learn more about the Qun, the origins of the Qunari, and Tal-Vashoth might play a role in the shaping of the future of Thedas.

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