Knight of Swords


Significance: Well, this is another obvious one, since Cullen is, well was, Knight-Captain of the Templar Order.  On va s’entendre.  And he does lead the troops of the Inquisition.

Swords 12 Knight

The card itself represents: Men aged 36 and older, a high-minded individual, swift action, being self-assured, clever, logical and concentrated, aggressive energy, boldness and courage, quick implementation of ideas, being vocal, wise, etc.

Cullen always did strike me as a bold and courageous man, to change after the Circle and Kirkwall, and to face his addiction and quit lyrium.

Reversed: Being dull and uninspiring, impulsive, a quick temper, being headstrong, weakness, confusion, impractical ideas, show-off, failure, abandonment, illness, deception, unprincipled in the pursuit of goals, etc.

Swords Knight

Eyes looking heavy, he stares ahead, as though aware of the burden he carries as the commander of the soldier and knights.  Brandishing a sword, he is clad in heavy armour, as he steels his heart.  Red draped around him, symbolises life and death, while a flower on one side gives hope that his efforts will flourish into positive and constructive changes.  A flag blows with the wind, red and black, whilst green brings healing.  He stands grounded and ready, read to accept any challenges and responsibilities.

What I think this means for Cullen and DA: He steps away from the Templar order (if he’s still alive that is) and proves that one does not need to be dependent on lyrium; he finds freedom or sorts in that way.  He’s proof that the order can step away from the corruption it became.  He will lead by example and play an important role in the next game, I believe.  Perhaps even be a companion.  It only makes sense that he be part of group to travel with the Inquisitor to Tevinter.  And that’s the future of DA as well.

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