Seven of Staves


Significance: Now we’re talking about a more potent type of demon, part of the Fear group of demons, weaker than their group name, their master being Fear.

Staves 07

The card itself represents: Beating the odds, overcoming challenges, standing one’s ground and standing up against resistance, defending beliefs, keeping problems under control, managing issues, morality, heroism, etc.

Reversed: Self-doubt, belated efforts, embarrassment, fear and anxiety, denial, dissimulation, refusal to carry burdens, taking life easy, avoiding challenges, lack of virtue, avoiding confrontation, etc.

Staves 07 O

As an eyeless face looms as a skeletal body stands tall, arms stretched downwards in an imposing posture, its mouth hangs open, sharp teeth ready to gnaw at its prey, mouth wide enough to swallow and engulf.  Behind its hideous form linger other faces; smug, fearful, angry, reflecting all that comprise, and lead one to,  terror.  Dark forms with glowing eyes remain hidden in the shadows, but are numerous and letting their victims know that they are always there.  A man sits at the demon’s feet, seemingly to be sucked into its form, fading from reality, as other faces suffer the same fate of becoming the emotion the demon embodies.

What I think this means for DA: When despair sets in, terror easily takes over.  I fear that we will see more of these annoying demons.  But also, the enemy always terrorises the people of Thedas.  I wonder though who the enemy actually will be.  Is it really going to be who we think?  It’s hard to tell.

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