10 – The Wheel of Fortune

Iron Bull (Saved Chargers)

Significance: A good and a bad outcome, often not what we would expect, and often depending how we see it, the Chargers live, but the Qunari alliance is dead; both good fortune and bad fortune from one outcome.

10 - The Wheel of Fortune

The card itself represents: Luck and good fortune, success, intervention of fate, destiny and fate, altering one’s approach, advantageous surprises, quick help, progress, improvements, tranformation and opportunities, etc.

When we save the Chargers, Iron Bull becomes as Tal Vashoth, it’s quick and it’s not what he expects, but he adapts and this becomes for the better, for us and for him.

Reversed: Small gains, recklessness, whirlwind changes, shake-ups and unpredictable events, only short-lived success, pushing instead of writing, loss of control, etc.

10-The Wheel of Fortune

He holds his horned head in a bloodied hand, holding in the other the horn that saved his team, his true people, yet he is grief stricken with the loss of the identity he always knew, as severed heads and maimed bodies drown the ground upon which they lie with the blood of the lost allies, the Qunari. Draped in dark and ripped cloth, with circles behind him reflecting how the events spiraled out of control, he refuses to look at the tragedy.  Yet the design of growing plants represent how the future will flourish, regardless.

What I think this means for Iron Bull: Since here we saved the Chargers, he becomes Tal-Vashoth.  If Tal-Vashoth, he is that, and now loyal to his friends and the Inquisitor, and the Chargers will always be at our disposal, they’ll always be there to help us.  Iron Bull and the Chargers are a team, and they have our back.

What I think this means for DA: The Qunari will remember this event and may even use it as a reason to justify future hostilities towards the Inquisitor and our allies.  Or even to justify further war in Tevinter, since that is where we are heading next.

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