Two of Cups

Red Templar Guardsman

Significance: Seeing as this suit relates to Tevinter, and hence Corypheus, since he is from Tevinter, and since he is infused with red lyrium, we will see several of his red lyrium infused minions in this suit, the Guardsman being the less potent of the lot.

Cups 02

The card itself represents: Exchange, sharing, emotional balance, unity, a satisfyinf partnership, good communication, harmony, engagement, proposal, marriage, affinity and affection, intimacy, a happy surprise, etc.

Reversed: Disunion, dullness and banality, emotional misunderstanding, separation, the end of a relationship, unappreciation of another, self-indulgence, incapacity, dejection, loneliness, deception, etc.

Cups 02 O

Surrounded by and infused with red lyrium, the guardsman holds a spear near its top, confidently following his leader.  Dark strength from dark magic, blood thirsty is the guardsman and warmongering.  Lyrium-like veins on his arms and three sharp slashes on his chest expose the ingestation of the raw and blight tainted substance.  His face is covered by a helmet, a show that he cannot see the truth for he has already lost his mind.  Behind him, slithering upwards, is a translucent snake, showing the deception that should have been obvious, and despite his master’s lack of complete transparency, the guardsman is now forever enslaved, until death shall free him.

What I think this means for DA: Red Templars may have been following Corypheus, but now they exist, they are created, Corypheus or no Corypheus, and whether with remnants or a new order, there will continue to be Red Templars Guardsmen.  Guardsman will be there to guard the entrance to their base.

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