Tarot Deck Analysis Transcripts

Here is the Archive of the Dragon Age: Inquisition Tarot Deck Analysis Transcripts from the videos that I made, as  visual companion.  Each Tarot Card has its own Transcript page, where I share my notes, the images I used, including the ones I made for comparison purposes, along with the music that accompanied each card.

If you wish to watch the full videos of each Analysis, you can catch them all on my channel.

Major Arcana

Minor Arcana: Suit of Coins

Minor Arcana: Suit of Swords

Minor Arcana: Suit of Staves

Minor Arcana: Suit of Cups

Tarot Spreads

Dragon Age: Inquisition Tarot Deck Analysis Videos

Dragon Age: Inquisition Tarot Cards Piano Compositions

All Dragon Age 4 Tarot Readings

Dragon Age 4 Character Tarot Predictions

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