Six of Staves


Significance: As we previously discussed, we are seeing various types of demons in this suit, due to their relation with the Fade; for magic, Staves/Wands is the suit of magic, and as the number increases, the power of the type of demon increases as well.  One of the more powerful, but not the most powerful, demons, Despair is the corrupted version of a Hope spirit.

Staves 06

The card itself represents: Abundant energy, a job well done, public recognition, victory in a career or creative enterprise, clear goals, a sense of purpose, victory, good health, career goals that are achieved, etc.

Reversed: Vanity, procrastination, overestimation of one’s abilities, a need to consider the plans of others, defeat, loss of interest, excessive shyness, disloyalty and dishonesty, self-esteem issues, malignant attitudes, evil, etc.

Staves 06 O

Desperation calls out through a mouth with several sets of teeth.  Darkened hands reach up towards the corrupted fog permeating from the Fade.  Other demons, positioned symmetrically and farther away, on either side of the first one, reflect the same posture, as they throw their arms up in defeat.  Black reflects the power of the emotion, as the yellow and orange of a once joyful demeanour are washed away, corrupted and faded, weakened, as it sets in, permanently taking over anything that existed before, for once it is there, there is no room for anything else.  It is Despair.

What I think this means for DA: We’ve seen characters do desperate things when despair takes over.  Sometimes despair causes one to roll over and go to sleep, and other times, panic and act irrationally, and that is cause for concern (I’m looking at you, Anders!).  I think despair might be a recurring theme, seeing as word may spread of Thedas’s possible upcoming doom.

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