My Ex Stalked Me – And Then Harassed Me For Over A Decade

Trigger Warnings: The following story deals with Harassment and Stalking, and may be triggering to some readers. Reader discretion is advised.

He stalked me, and didn’t understand boundaries. I tried everything; asking nicely, being clear, being mean, and I even pretended to be his friend because I was that desperate!

When I was finishing high school, my good friend AM (the one who saved me from the guy who intended to R-word me) matched me up with a friend of hers, who seemed to both of us like a genuinely kind guy. (We’ll call him M.)

We dated for about a month only.

He seemed nice, offering to walk me home, even in the pouring rain, offering to meet with me and help with errands, offering to accompany me to work.

I should have realised what his true intentions were — he didn’t want me out of his sight.

I worked at a cinema at the time. AM and I were planning a girl’s day out with her sister and another good friend of hers. We were going to go to the hair salon together, go see a movie at my workplace, and then just hang out.

I told M we were having a girl’s day. I had seen him for several days before that day. I told him I’d call him the day after the girl’s day out.

When I walked out of the movie theatre with my friends after the movie finished, I found M standing at the door to the movie theatre, like right there, inside the cinema establishment.

He bought a ticket for a movie he had no intention of seeing so that he could wait for me there and escort me home.

AM was disappointed because we were going to do more together afterward. I wanted my day with my girls.

He insisted he was trying to be romantic. But it cut our day short. He wouldn’t leave us be. We asked him to let us have our evening; I told him it was just us girls. He would not leave. So then the others called their boyfriends to meet up.

After that, whenever I wanted some time alone with friends, he showed me his more jealous side. Always insisting he was doing it to be romantic. Then he started telling me things he did “for me,” like quit smoking (which I had not asked him to do) and whatnot.

He would call every day and then ask a million questions the next time we spoke if I wasn’t home when he’d called. He would wait for me outside my job and get angry at me if I wound up finishing earlier and was not there when he went to meet with me. I would not ask him to and would not coordinate with him.

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