Audric Dragon Age 4 Character Predictions Tarot Stream

I dive into Character Predictions for Dragon Age 4 in this Live Stream, where I pick a character's name out of a hat and do a one card draw Tarot Reading.
Today's character is Audric, from Tevinter Nights, the skeletal necromanced being, kept alive by Mortalitasi magic, but who is basically dead. The card drawn was the Knight of Cups reversed.
Audric is a potential companion or someone we might encounter during mission in Nevara, he works at the library of the Grand Necropolis and does have some unresolved issues, which is why he is not fully dead. Is he a spirit possessing Audric or Audric himself? Regardless, the reading seems to suggest there will be much deception surrounding him for which he might need our help to thwart.
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00:00 Stream Start
0:52 Intro
1:22 Character drawn + exploring possible roles in DA4
3:18 Card drawn + exploration of the meaning for the reading
13:16 Additional thoughts and comments
14:14 Outro

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